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  1. fourwheelford

    Thermostat question

    I have a scangauge II that gives me readings on the general goings on of my motor. My question is the other day I was driving and noticed the temp got up to 210 to 213 then dropped down really fast to the 190's I figured it was normal but then checked and the thermostat shout be 195*. The water...
  2. fourwheelford

    Need 4r44e info please.

    Ok I have a 2000 ranger 4x4 with I believe a 4r44e auto tranny and 31x10.5's. I need to know a basic run down of how this thing is supposed to work under good performance OD included. I have never owned a vehicle with an electronically controlled tranny before so I don't know whats normal and...
  3. fourwheelford

    Rear driveshaft question.

    Please move this if its in the wrong spot, I need to know the stock length of the rear driveshaft for a 2000 ranger xlt with a 3.0 4x4 and auto tranny. The truck has a 3 inch lift that im removing but im not sure if they changed the rear driveshaft when they lifted the truck, they didn't do the...
  4. fourwheelford

    OD button

    Ok 2000 ranger with an auto tranny 4x4, drove it this morning everything was working fine I lock my OD out while im driving in the city because I don't want it shifting in and out of OD all the time. Six hours later I head home and when I pushed the button nothing happened no light or anything...
  5. fourwheelford

    Air bag sensors.

    Hey everyone I didn't know where to post this so please move it if its wrong. I need to know where the airbag sensors are on a 2000 3.0 4x4 and the basic workings of the drivers side airbag. I need to remove it to check some things out my airbag light is on, I know the procedure to get it out...
  6. fourwheelford

    Removing a lift, have questions

    Hi all, first off 2000 ranger 4x4 with a 3.0 FF 111,000 on the clock. Ok heres my issue I bought the truck a couple years ago with a lift on it, it was my first truck and at the time I liked the look of the lift but now time has passed and the ride is getting worse and parts for the lift...
  7. fourwheelford

    I feel like a big moron

    I was doing my weekly check of various fluids today and noticed that when I changed the oil last week I didn't tighten down the oil fill cap it was just sitting on top of the hole. Im hoping that it held kinda tight by vacuum but im also hoping I didn't mess something up. Something kept it from...
  8. fourwheelford

    front pinion shaft removal.

    Do I need to drop the entire axle out of the truck in order to remove and replace the pinion bearing and seal? I was told I could just remove the driveshaft and pull it out but that doesn't really make sense to me. iT would be cool if that was the case though:) My haynes doesn't even talk about...
  9. fourwheelford

    What front diff do i have?

    I need to order parts for my front diff but there is no stamp or tag telling me what it is, its a 2000 ranger XLT with a 3.0 FF motor and 4:10 gears I have called all over town to dealerships and junk yards and got two possible answers one was a DANA 35 and the other a dana splicer 28 does any...
  10. fourwheelford

    Really noisy 4wd please help!

    Ok this is the first year of 4wd for me and this thing seems really really noisy. I know 4wd is noisy but this seems wrong. 2000 3.0 ff with bout 110k on it newer tires all the same size. The majority of the noise comes when I let off the gas it will kind of whine like when you downshift a...
  11. fourwheelford

    4x4 questions.

    Ok I have a 2000 xlt ranger with auto locking front end and it does not have the vacuum pulse locking hubs. I got it a couple years ago after a really bad winter and last year the winter was really mild so I only used the 4x4 a couple times. This is my first 4x4 rig and we got a bunch of snow...
  12. fourwheelford

    oil pan heater question.

    Its getting cold here way to fast and temps are gonna drop down to single digits so I bought a magnetic oil pan heater that gets up to 250 degrees in a hope to keep the cold from taking life from my truck. My questions are have any of you used these, how safe are they, and do they actually help...
  13. fourwheelford

    Whine under the truck.

    Hey there possible problem with my 2000 xlt 4x4. For awhile there has been an intermintent whine under my truck only recently has it become a constant whine I put a stethoscope up there and it seems like I can hear it best from right between the oil pan and the bell housing. My fear is the...
  14. fourwheelford

    Center pre-cat question.

    Hi everyone I have a 2000 ranger with a 3.0 that I have owned for a year or so. I had better exhaust put on it from the catback it sounds really good but I have been having problems with power loss and a tick inside of the center pre-cat. I was wondering if I could just remove that pre-cat and...
  15. fourwheelford

    Need thoughts on ticking.

    Ok I have been dealing with this for over a year and I think I finally found it but its in a confusing place, at least to me it is. I have probed all over the motor with a mechanics stethoscope and found the tick in the cat right in the middle behind the oil pan. I know it doesn't make sense...
  16. fourwheelford

    Moisture in my front diff.

    I serviced my front and rear diff along with my transfer case last year in like june. I check it the fluid in front diff every 3 to 4 months becasue it has a small leak at the front pinion seal. Not enough to of a leak to warrant checking it more often or fixing the seal until now. I checked...
  17. fourwheelford

    Im at my wits end.

    I need help I am near pushing this off a cliff and trying to commit insurance fraud just to get rid of it. Instead of creating a wall of text telling you what I have done I will tell you what I haven't done its much easier. I have not changed the alternator, powersteering pump or A/C stuff. I...
  18. fourwheelford

    Possible plugged cat.

    I have never had a plugged cat before but I think I may have one right now. Recently the truck has lost a significant amount of powwr and the ability to climb hills even small ones. It doesn't stink but the acceleration is suffering and my mileage is not very good either. I have explored...
  19. fourwheelford

    Need advice on broken metal.

    Ok first off this is a two parter so hang on for a ride, the truck was lifted before I bought it and im discovering more and more things they took shortcuts on. First off was the bump stops for the suspension, they put different ones on to make up for the lift but they only allowed for an inch...
  20. fourwheelford

    Vehicle speed sensor.

    First off where is it located and what are the symptoms if it fails or begins to fail?

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