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  1. 94xlt4.0

    San Diego roll call

    I'm just looking to see how many people we have representing S.D. maybe even start a few meets. Hell just find people who are interested in these rbv's we all love. I'm in Santee everyone else post your location.
  2. 94xlt4.0

    How To: 130 amp alternator in a 2.9

    This is how I installed a 130 amp alternator into my '90 Bronco 2. therangerstation.com and I are NOT responsible for any damage you do to your vehicle by attempting to recreate this swap. Things you'll need: 130 amp alternator from a 3.8 liter V6 Mustang, Thunderbird (non supercharged)...
  3. 94xlt4.0

    2.9 charging system upgrade wiring question

    i have a quick question regarding upgrading my alternator to a 130 amp unit from an f250 4.9. the rectifier has the 3 terminal plug on my 2.9 but the 4.9 f250 rectifier is the type with the screw on post. my question is can i just leave the 2.9 factory rectifier plug unplugged and run a new...
  4. 94xlt4.0

    tail light swap

    i know ive seen where people have swapped the 2nd gen ex tail lights onto a first gen ex but has anyone done 93-up ranger lights onto a b2? it appears they m ount up similar enough other than a little cutting to open the sides for the round part of the ranger light.
  5. 94xlt4.0

    added a new ex to the stable

    i just picked up this 02 eddie bauer w/ 84k on the clock. it has the auto 4x4 w/ the flex fuel 4.0. much nicer than my b2 as much as it hurts to say
  6. 94xlt4.0

    ignition pickup code

    on my 90 b2 2.9 i have codes 14, 18, and 66. 14 says ignition pickup erratic, 18 says ignition tach signal erratic and 66 says vane air flow meter signal low. my question is can the code 14 and 18 cause the 66? i recentley replaced the mass air flow sensor so im wondering if i should bring it...
  7. 94xlt4.0

    headlight/ parking light

    my 90 b2 is having an issue with my headlights and parking lights now. i pull the switch back one click and the parking lights dont come on. the headlights will come on if it pull it back all the way. then if i push the switch just slightly back forward both will finally come on. i figured it...
  8. 94xlt4.0

    b2 window tint

    has anyone tinted their own windows in a bronco 2? im just curious how hard it was to get the rear side windows done. i have done tint before on a few different vehicles (most fun was a vw 21 window bus) so im not a rookie at it. just looking for a little guidance on this one
  9. 94xlt4.0

    2.9 missing, code 66

    my 90 b2 2.9 has a miss through all rpms and runs rough and even stalls out if you dont give it some gas. it has a code 66 which leads me to the maf (vane air flow/mass air flow signal low). for one what does it mean? and two how do i test the maf to make sure thats whats bad?
  10. 94xlt4.0

    tips for restoring an old motorcycle

    my dad has an old "dirt bike" from the 70's stored up at my grandfathers house that is just sitting in the yard. im not sure what it is but im pretty sure its an old honda and 110cc sounds familiar. i remember looking at it back in the day when i was younger and always like playing on it when i...
  11. 94xlt4.0

    gauge compatibility

    im looking at some white gauges for my 90 bronco 2. my question is are the gauges for the 93-97 ranger the same for the 89-90 b2? they look identical im just wondering if theres some stupid small difference that would make them different
  12. 94xlt4.0

    valance compatability

    does anyone know if the 98-00 4x4 lower valance with the fog light cut outs will fit a 93-97?
  13. 94xlt4.0

    tail light problems

    i am having an issue with my 90 bronco 2's rear lights. the brake and tail lights work fine until i use a turn signal. if i use the right turn signal then afterwards the left brake light doesnt work. then if i use the left turn signal that brake light begins to work but the right brake light...
  14. 94xlt4.0

    can someone tell me what lift this is?

    it has black or grey (cant really tell) coils that measure about 19 inches free length. it has the brackets, coils, shocks, and a drop pitman arm
  15. 94xlt4.0

    pro comp mx2

    i have a pair of pro comp mx2 shocks that need refilled. does anybody know if its nitrogen or what they get filled with and how much do they need? if it is nitrogen i can fill them at work i just need to know with how much. they will be on a 90 bronco 2 4wd with a 4 inch lift
  16. 94xlt4.0

    2.9 header fitment

    i was wondering if anybody knows why the pacesetter headers for the 4wd say they wont fit the automatic with column shift? does anybody have these headers on ther b2 or ranger? i tried emailing pacesetter but apparently customer service isn't a priority there
  17. 94xlt4.0

    my 90 b2's re-birth

    heres my 90 b2 4wd. i got it from a friend who drove it till it blew a head gasket. he lost his job so he could not afford to have it fixed or to even do it himself so he said i could have it. im only into the cost of the gasket set cuz i did the heads my self at my college shop. hopefully in...
  18. 94xlt4.0

    2.9 liter accessory locations

    does anybody have a picture or diagram of the location for the accesories on the engine? i need to see where the p/s pump, a/c comp, alternator all mount to the engine. i got a 90 b2 from my friend who had it in pieces and instead of trying to piece it together like a puzzle i figured i would...
  19. 94xlt4.0

    94 4.0 not starting, weird clunk

    my 94 4.0 manual trans wont start, i have a 3 month old battery and a new starter solenoid. when i go to crank it all i get is a clunk type sound coming from where the solenoid is mounted on the driver fender. any ideas? anything else you may need to know?
  20. 94xlt4.0

    weird problem w/ 99 windstar 3.8

    i have a 99 windstar 3.8l that for some reason has an intermittent starting problem. it has problems starting pretty often and i know its not the battery starter or alternator cuz those have been tested and confimred good. i get in and turn the key and when it gets to the accessory position the...

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