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  1. DasBroncon

    Power Steering Leak, Adjust Sector Shaft?

    TL;DR: Can a sector shaft adjustment stop a leak? Is it better to replace the box, or rebuild it? So my steering has been leaking about 2 weeks now. It started when my brakes blew out on the trail because my tires were rubbing the brake lines. I had to steer the truck with the engine off all...
  2. DasBroncon

    Das Broncon, Build and Wheelin pics. (pic heavy)

    Hello everyone! This is going to be mostly a wheeling pictures thread for my B2, and a few of my friends Rangers, but there will be build stuff too, I just don't have money to be constantly improving my truck. So far I have a 6 inch lift, an exhaust, and a custom driveshaft. Soon I'll be...
  3. DasBroncon

    Universal Shock Hoops?

    I am currently piecing together the tubing and joints for extended rad arms, and the next thing on my list is shock mount. I checked out the f-250 shock mount mod, but I want something that can mount higher and I do not want to cut my coil bucket. I was wondering if these "Universal Shock Hoops"...
  4. DasBroncon

    Bronco II from Socal

    Hey everyone, I've been creepin on this forum for a few months and have learned a lot. I drive a 1990 B2 with a 6 inch lift with the plate style axle bracket extension, and stock rad arms. My first priority plans for my rig are switching to skyjacker brackets, fabbing some rad arms and doing the...

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