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  1. redneck_rainey

    Filler neck issue?

    Ok so I have a 01 ranger xlt 4.0 sohc 127" wheelbase and 16g tank, when I try to put gas in it recently it acts like the tank is full and kicks the nozzle off even if I'm holding the trigger. I guess the breather tube might be clogged but I'm not real sure of what my first move should be. Any...
  2. redneck_rainey

    Yup, its broke. Lol

    Well I went out for a little trail action last friday and while I was crossing a creek I ended up maxing out the suspension travel. well a couple days later I noticed that the whole truck was leaning. So i crawled under it and this is what I found....... kinda spooky. I drove it for three...
  3. redneck_rainey

    Any fellow trappers out there?

    Me and my friend got started into coon opossum, skunk, coyote and fox trapping this past season. I was just curious as to if there are any TRS trappers. maybe we could get a decent discussion going on here. and if there are any avid trappers here be sure to join the www.wild-about-trapping.com...
  4. redneck_rainey

    The only Camaro i have ever seen that i like.

    today i saw a 2010 Camaro (i hate camaro's) but i pulled along side of it at a light. I noticed that it had a nice strong rumble to the exhaust, so i looked over and saw a large sticker on the hood. I pulled up a little more to see what it was. I then realized that there was some words and then...
  5. redneck_rainey

    2001 4.0 with 130,000 just blew. help.

    well the driverside bank started a tick. from the head. alot of ppl told me it wasnt the lifters, and that it was the timing chain tensioner. well appaerently not cause today i was driving and the tick got realllly loud real fast and then about 10 miles later the motor died and will turn over...
  6. redneck_rainey

    4.0 valve rebuild, need advice, im only 18

    OK, so my 2001 4x4 4L ohc has ****ed the valve terrain and got the 'ranger tick'. Its geting louder and more often/consistant. I've decided to take care of it. Im only 18 and the only motors i've done teardowns on are our 429 stockcar powerplant, and our old race motor which was a 350. My buddy...
  7. redneck_rainey

    Air horn

    I had been looking at hornblasters brand trainhorns and my exseen tht and went to autozone and ordered a Wolo dual chime airmax for me, its a cheapo lol, its a 118 decibals, but high frequency. im looking for an old rig in a JY to pull the trumpets off of and hook it to my direct drive...
  8. redneck_rainey

    Anyone else drive RC cars/trucks/boats/crawlers/planes?

    i am into the hobby and have a 1/10 Traxxas Rustler Vxl velinion brushless truck,1/10 a pimpcane 2.2 crawler,1/10 a losi night crawler, 1/36 losi micro-t trophy version(brushless) an Eflite blade MCX micro heli, and a 1/18 losi mini-t ramminator. i was curios as to whether or not any other...
  9. redneck_rainey

    Beefy Custom Bumper Almsot Complete

    ok, so. finally got goin on the bumper. bought 10' of 2"x8"x1/4" rectangular tubing, 10' 2"diameter tube 1/8" thick. $160 in materials. main run across the front is 4' of 2x8. we used a setaline torch to channel out the back to cut down on weight. on the ends of that are 2x8 sections 12" long...
  10. redneck_rainey

    FORD acronyms/sayings.

    i kno theres a million negatives but lets hear the list of positives, first on race day first off road dominator for off road domination for out runnin dodges :icon_cheers: and u kno how ppl always say "i'd rather cummin then strokin," ya well i come up with a counter statement fr that, "yea...
  11. redneck_rainey

    Show us what ur stock rbv is capable of

    Seems like there are no forums for trucks that arent modded out.put up pix or vids of what ur stock rbv has done.
  12. redneck_rainey

    St. Louis, Missouri

    Hey im from st. louis missouri and i have been having a hard time finding spots to off road. I kno about st joe state park but im not a fan of all the sand. its pretty hard on dirtbikes and i dont think id ever put a truck through that unless it was a purpose built toy. i also dont know many...
  13. redneck_rainey

    Suggestions on a 2001 ranger xlt 4x4 offroad

    im only 17 and I have a 01 4x4 that i have been savin my money to do a few with. I have looked at 3-4" suspension lifts, light bars and light kits (most likely gonna be KC), 33" tires, and a Rhino 3000 series centergaurd. i havent looked into exhausts yet but im going to eventually. Does any...

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