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  1. Explosive

    Got The B2 Painted Today

    Before, After,
  2. Explosive

    Header Question

    I've been looking at what I need to get my 4.0L going. It's on an engine stand right now, are headers worth the money ? What set do I need ? They have a set for a b2 with a 2.9l and an explorer with the 4.0L But I'm going to have a b2 with the 4.0L and I want to be sure they fit correctly. Any...
  3. Explosive

    Who Makes The Better Lift?

    Who Makes The Better Lift? ~ Also A Question On Shocks I've been slacking on my B2, wanted it done this month. But it's nowhere close. Always planned to do the Skyjacker stage II 6" lift, extended arms, leafs ect. But I was browsing James Duff site and I see their 5.5" lift, Here’s the...
  4. Explosive

    Jame Duff Power Chip, Anyone Use It ?

    Look like a chip that alters fuel injection ? Anyone ever use one ? Any good ? http://www.jamesduff.com/broncoII/engine.html
  5. Explosive

    Vent windows ?

    Whats there to that ? I've changed vent windows on my full size bronco, but I was wondering about the B2's/rangers. Is it a different door ? Whats it take to swap ? Would I just have to find a set of doors with them and put them on ?
  6. Explosive

    4.0L Swap, What do I need

    Well I'm planning to go to the yard tomorrow, and would like to try and get everything I need. So I know i'll need a wiring harness, throttle cable ? Basically looking for help with what all I need as I would like to get everything in one trip ~Thanks.
  7. Explosive

    4.0L Dipstick issue

    The dipstick is fine, but the tube has rusted,broken in half, any recommendations ? I thought I read each year was very different thus you can just use any 4.0L tube, is this correct ? I believe mine is a 92.
  8. Explosive

    Got A 4.0L, what should I do to it ?

    So I picked up a 4.0L for my B2 last night, what should I do before dropping it in ? So far I've figured, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, rear main, anything else ?
  9. Explosive

    Windshield Visor Question

    Been told ranger and Bronco II roof lines are different and thus a Ranger windshield visor would not fit my B2, is this true ? Lets say same year as well. 87 Ranger vs 87 B2
  10. Explosive

    How Are TSL Thornbirds ?

    Have a line on a set but I'm not sure what I want, I'm only off-roading my B2, no street time, and need some good tires for wheeling, someone offered Thornbirds, but is that a good tire for off-road only, or is it more of an A/T ? Thanks.
  11. Explosive

    My wheels arrived.

    Well, this is my Christmas gift from my parents, they arrived today, I'm happy. And got my drive side rear fender cut and sealed both fenders from inside.
  12. Explosive

    Can someone tell me the difference in these tires?

    I'm looking at these two tsl's but what is the real difference other than the $10 ? I see ones the radial, which would be better for off-road use only ? http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ICT-SAM-79R/ http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ICT-SAM-13/
  13. Explosive

    Cheap wheels for big tires ?

    I plan on running a 6 inch lift with 33x12.50 mts in the future, but need a wider wheel then stock and really don't want to spend a ton on wheels, any suggestions ? This is an off road only vehicle, as of now I have these trailer wheels, All suggestions welcome, thanks.
  14. Explosive

    Grill removal.

    So, getting my B2 ready for paint, trying to get the grill off(entire thing including the silver part that goes around the headlights ect) and and I can't get it and know I'm about to break it, whats the trick ? I pulled all the screws out at the top and the two in the middle, but what holds the...
  15. Explosive

    Whats wrong with my lights ?

    First day I got my Bronco II, got back at night, drove it around, lights worked, were finicky, but they worked, sometimes they'd cut out but if I messed with the high beam level on the column they would come back, now I only have parking lights and no headlights ? Any suggestions. The night I...
  16. Explosive

    Is This Possible ?

    V8 swap on a budget, I've got the engine, but not sure what I'd need for the rest. Is there a trans ect that would bolt in for the most part/ not need to be torn down and have things changed. What T-case would be used, would the stock axles ever hold up to a v8 ? The truck would pretty much be...
  17. Explosive

    Question about rear seats.

    So, pulled out my old vinyl seats, all the carpet ect. Put in the cloth front seats from my parts truck in. Now, i've seen rear buckets in a B2, is there any way to mount my old front seats into the rear ? I haven't looked into it yet, but figured I would ask before wasting my time.
  18. Explosive

    Important Drive Shaft Question

    Will the drive shaft from an 89 B2 with a 5 speed fit a 87 B2 with an auto ? I blew up the shaft on my 87 last night and have an 89 parts truck, but does the 5 speed have a different length/set up ? It does look different but I wasn't sure if thats just a newer design or something ? Thanks
  19. Explosive

    My Daily Driver

    Figured I'd post some pictures of my Daily driver in here, It's a 95 Bronco, 351W, towing package, Eddie Bauer. Love the truck, although I'm putting an axle in it right now unfortunately.... Hopefully she'll be back on the road by next week, Dropping the Axle, Axle out, Some of it when...
  20. Explosive

    Herculiner Question.

    I'm planning on using Herculiner to do my floorboards as I just picked up a parts truck and plan on using the interior but don't want carpet anymore. So my question is how much is required, for $100 I can get the 1 gal kit with the brushes/roller ect. But they also sell it by the quart for like...

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