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  1. cody93

    Pedal assembly differences

    So after dealing with a flaky manual master cylinder on my 87 ranger, ive decided its time to upgrade to power brakes simply because its easier to find new power master cylinders.. one set back is my pedal assembly.. I installed a booster from a 94 explorer but my issue is the rod from the...
  2. cody93

    95-97 dual piston calipers worth the hassle to swap?

    so im building up a v8 ranger and im basically building from frame up, its an 87.. ive read that you can upgrade to an oem dual piston caliper from a 95-97 ranger.. for all the parts and time, is it worth it? just currious.. how much better braking will it give and will gen 1 brake hoses fit...
  3. cody93

    using an 89-92 cab/frame for an 86 truck

    my 86 ranger had alot more rust than i expected.. ive decided to just replace the cab n frame since i already had replaced every other panel along the way in the last 4 years.. finding a good gen 1 body has been tricky as the few ive seen people are wanting atleast a grand for non pristine bodys...
  4. cody93

    m5od-r2, what master/slave combo?

    im getting too many differnt answers, what year/model master and slave cylinders do i use in a 302 with a 97+ m5od-r2, i know some combos work and some dont release the clutch fully.. this is going in an 86 if anyones asking.. someone said the 83-92 masters and slaves will work fine.. is this true?
  5. cody93

    double sump dipstick length?

    so heres my first snag building up my 302.. i have a 99 exploder 302 with an 80's mustang oil pan... i have the explorer dip tube n stick and a 94 mustang 302 tube with out the stick and i know the tube on an 80's ltd is 16.5 inches from end to end without tube.. i like the explorer tube cause...
  6. cody93

    Multi-colored and Bi-polar 86 302 5spd project

    *update: some images might be getting replaced because im using a free public photo sharing service, anything that dont look like a ranger/302 was probly overwritten well, i killed the 2.3... drove home on 2 cylinders, pulled head and found out that theres a crack in the cooling jacket in the...
  7. cody93

    86 ranger fuel pressure question

    ok, so im doing a 302 swap in one my rangers, its going to have a holley 4160 4bbl carb on it, which requires 5-7 psi of fuel pressure.. my question is does anyone know the pressure of the IN TANK pump, not the one on the frame rail.. hopefully its sufficient, planning on using an inline...
  8. cody93

    My truck is possesed by the devil

    ok, little back ground story, i have an 86 ranger w/ a 2.3 that cracked number 4 cylinder last month... so i was able to get it back to work where it will sit as i accumulate parts for a V8 swap.. luckily my boss let me use the company truck, a 1994 mazda b2300 ranger thingy... this is the...
  9. cody93

    SBC swap? worth it?

    soooo, i might have a chance to get a cheap running 350 SBC.. my 2.3's EFI is making me want to rip it out right now.. the wheels are in motion.. now, my question is what are the pro's and con's of a SBC vs SBF or even a 318 mopar.. ive always thought about swapping out to a bigger engine, i was...
  10. cody93

    did i get slipped a turbo engine, minus the turbo?

    well, heres that truck i bought for 600$ last year for parts, new battery, distributor and tires... the ad said it had a 2.0 in it... plans changed and now i want to get it road worthy but it ran poorly. i was certain it was the carburator so i bought a weber 32/36, pulled my intake manifold off...
  11. cody93

    cobbled together POS..

    well i decided to get my old parts truck fit for daily driving.. i bought it 8 months ago for parts, well the only parts i used it for was the grille, alternator and armrest.. i tought it was a 2.0 like the tittle says but its not. i belive its a 2.3 that was fuel injected that was rigged to...
  12. cody93

    do i have a 2.0 or 2.3?

    simple question, i was looking at my spare POS truck with what i think has a 2.0 but then i noticed theres no mechanical fuel pump. theres an electric one on the frame rail thats clearly after market and has rigged wiring to the fuse box. the oil cap is at the back, like on a 2.0. The vin says...
  13. cody93

    asian 2barrel carb info

    ok, so my other ranger finally wont start, its getting fuel to the carb and spark so its carb related.. i took the carb off and found a leak in the gasket between the carb and spacer, but since i have it off, ima clean it up inside. well, all the vaccum lines are plugged(PO capped them off with...
  14. cody93

    93-94 tubular header on 87 2.3

    well, after coming across a little cash, i decided to replace the o2 sensor in the ranger, well, the little turd is stuck in there and theres no easy way to get it out, i think a P/O didn't use anti sieze on it.. now i kinda broke the o2 sensor and stripped it a little... truck runs crappier...
  15. cody93

    e brake not engaging

    push down the parking brake pedal and heard a pop and e brake no worky... the pedal releases and latches down just fine. cable seems to have alot of slack now.. any ideas on what just happened? i realy dont wana pull the drums apart if i dont have too.. thanks for any help.
  16. cody93

    Building me a N/A junkyard motor.

    well, i managed to get a job finally so i'll have some extra cash, one of the things on the list is a spare motor for the 87, thats better than stock... end goal is a stout N/A motor that makes about 120-130hp and 9.5:1 compression. Onto the partlist! 89-9x block, the one with the distibutor...
  17. cody93

    tricks to squeeze out a few more MPG?

    Well, ive seem to gotten myself in some doo-doo. i have no cash left due to a catostropic failure on my brake system... long story short, a brake pad self destructed 40 miles from home and was dragging badly and i only got like 15mpg, i could watch the needle go down... it apears one the...
  18. cody93

    cassette tape poping noise

    unknown year AM/FM cassette radio, it would of been the stock one on my 87 ranger had it come with a radio from the PO. problem is when ever i play a cassette tape, im getting a realy bad popping noise. AM/FM are clear, the tapes are good and work in my other truck or home stereo. if i use a...
  19. cody93

    anyone watching falling skies?

    poor gen1 ranger, pope had the same look on his face as i would...
  20. cody93

    attention all vets:

    thank you for your service. being from the ozarks were most the military comes from, i have a respect for those who put everything on the line to protect us. a little voice in my head said thank a vet so thank you.

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