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  1. 84stealthranger

    Durham town tellico

    Hey been a while since I've been on here but just wanted to let u guys know about the new trails in murphy nc that back up into upper tellico. It's called Durham town tellico
  2. 84stealthranger

    got my premium member sticker today

    well i got my 2011 premium member sticker in the mail today thanks jim. im just not a premium member at the moment lol. ill have to make a payment for this month. can some one tell me how to lol i forgot from last time.
  3. 84stealthranger

    gas petal cable/fan shroud

    ok i need a new gas petal cable and i tryed the dealership and they dont have one and cant get one so any one got any ideas on what i should do cuz my petal is so hard to push lol. my motor has been runnin around 210 some times goin down the 4 lane goes up to 230 but it doesnt seem that hot...
  4. 84stealthranger

    will a tk 5 speed bolt in place of my tk4?

    Will I have problems with the cross member and drive shafts or will it work?
  5. 84stealthranger

    pigeon forge rod run april 15-17 who's going?

    is anyone here going to pigeon forge rod run in april? i would like to meet up with a few people if they are going. i wont be taking my ranger tho due to my tranny is on its last legs and i got something else im taking that we wont speak of...lol
  6. 84stealthranger

    need a bigger alternator on my 84. ideas?

    now that i have my winch and lights hooked up i think im in need of a much bigger alternator in place of my stock 60 amp junker lol. does any one know of a alternator that will work with the same connects on the back? im not to worryed about mounting it. and will a 1000 cranking amp battery kill...
  7. 84stealthranger

    is this a fm145 from a 2.3?

    i found a tranny thats for sale and it looks like a fm tranny but idk if i can use it on my 2.8? i kno that if i changed the bell housing it might work but idk.
  8. 84stealthranger

    how to make a charger for this sony handy cam battery?

    does any one kno how to make a charger for this battery? its got a pos and a neg and something blank in the middle not sure on what to do i dont wanna kill the battery.
  9. 84stealthranger

    m5od-r1 swap questions?

    ok my tk 4 speed is about to blow apart wont go in to 2nd gear. i kno what tranny i need im gonna get a m5od and im gonna put a 4.0 clutch and flywheel on so ill need a clutch kit, starter, block plate or mod mine to work and master and slave cylinder. my question is am i gonna have to make my...
  10. 84stealthranger

    beasley knob ohv blairsville GA

    has anyone been or heard of this place? ive been there 3 times just me and my girl friend and only once i had new tires and it so bad i wouldnt go off the back side with out some one else. but now i have my winch and would be willing to go down there if any one wants to go let me kno and we can...
  11. 84stealthranger

    dana 28 hubs

    :icon_confused: does anyone have a pic or something on how d 28 hubs go back together. i searched and looked in the tech page and cant find anything. if nothing else i can post pics and some one could tell me what part goes where. i have some of it together but i need to figure out the spring...
  12. 84stealthranger

    84stealthranger's build thread

    well i figured mights well start a build thread before i get in to it too much lol the plans are body lift is coming off and winch and front bumper is going on. then after that i met a guy with a couple explorers and rangers im gonna prolly get a 8.8 and dana 35 from him.
  13. 84stealthranger

    will a m5od work on a 2.8?

    like the title says will it work with a 10 inch clutch and flywheel? i would like to rebuild a 2.8 and swap everything else in my truck with a 8.8 and d35 with newer trasfercase and all.
  14. 84stealthranger

    custom winch mount bumper for a gen 1

    does any one have pics of a winch mounted on the front of there gen 1? im getting a smittybilt xrc-8 from the girlfriend for x mas and im not sure on how to mount it. i wanna get the best approach angle i can. i have a welder so im not worried about doing a custom bumper.:icon_welder:
  15. 84stealthranger

    cowl mount light bar

    so ive seen some jeeps with this kinda set up and i use to have 4 kc spots on a cap but it was way to high up and got ripped off by a fallen tree. so would this be legal for a ranger. i know its paint but you get the idea..i hope lol
  16. 84stealthranger

    gen one lifted sas 5.0 ranger seen in tellico plains tenn tonight.

    so i was gettin gas tonight after coming thu tellico in to tellico plains and i seen a gray first gen single cab with a SAS and maybe 37''s? it had black rims and a 5.0 badge on it. just wondering if it might be anyone on here or if anyone knows who it might be.
  17. 84stealthranger

    jeep jumps 85 feet!!

    i know its a jeep but this is sick! :headbang:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNid7PGEgBw&feature=recentlik
  18. 84stealthranger

    my hpi blitz bash video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PJ6ABQ9Aq8&feature=related cant figure out how to put the video on here if any one knows let me kno.
  19. 84stealthranger

    my hpi blitz bash video

    if a mod could get rid of this one that would be good thanks.
  20. 84stealthranger

    jeep dana 30 swap who's done it?

    well im pretty locked on doing this swap if i can find a front axle. the dana 30 seems to be plenty strong with the right upgrades. i was thinking of just running 33s or 35s for now. does any one know what axle year i need to use coils? or should i do a leaf spring swap?

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