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  1. Sweet-85'

    Seat bolt size?

    Anyone know what the factory seat bolt size is for a first gen truck? I misplaced my passenger side seat bolts on the Bronco II when I disassembled the interior. Looks like I'll need to buy some new ones, just need to know what to look for. Thanks!
  2. Sweet-85'

    8.8 swap in 1984 BII, a little help please.

    Well, I've not had the luck finding what info I need. We've hit a block getting everything hooked up. What do I need to make my Bronco II drive shaft work with the 8.8? A hybrid u-joint, if so, does anyone have a part number? It's just a standard 8.8 from a 93 Ranger. I'll be running a...
  3. Sweet-85'

    Is it going to give me any lift?

    So I just picked up my axles for D35/8.8 swap on my Bronco II. The truck currently has a spacer lift that got it about 2in total (2.5" front, 2" block in the rear), it fits 31's fine and even has a little extra room. I've got 32's that I want to put under it, but I'm thinking I'm going to need a...
  4. Sweet-85'

    Swapping from Auto to Manual hubs (D35)

    I've read the tech section, I just want to make sure I have it correct before digging into it. I'm going to need the Warn 29071 hubs, and the Warn 32720 spindle nut kit. That's it, correct? Nothing else special?
  5. Sweet-85'

    D35/8.8 swap questions...

    So, I'm finally going to bite the bullet and do a D35/8.8 swap on the Bronco II. I got a good deal on a '92 D35 and a '93 8.8 rear end, both from rangers. The yard is pulling them for me since I don't have the time to do it myself. What should I make sure they include when they pull the axles...
  6. Sweet-85'

    Help with buying the right back spacing.

    Hey y'all, looking for some help selecting the right back spacing for my setup. I'm going to replace the 31x10.50's on stock 5.5" rims on my bronco II with a set of 32x11.50's on new 8" rims. Right now the truck is pretty squirrely at highway speeds, which I attribute some to the removal of...
  7. Sweet-85'

    Dana 28 Gears?

    Does anyone have a source for Dana 28 gears any more? I know the Dana 35 swap argument, but I don't off road much, if at all anymore, and can't justify the swap until I'd have more time to do it anyway. I want 4.10:1 or higher, but aftermarket support is almost non-existent at this point and I'm...
  8. Sweet-85'

    Wanted: DANA 28 Gears

    Hey guys, I'm stubborn and want steeper gears in my D28 rather than the D35 upgrade, but obviously most aftermarket support is gone for the D28. I'm looking for 4.56:1 if anyone has them, but I suppose I'd settle for 4.10:1. Any locker or a limited slip would be a plus too! Thanks for looking!
  9. Sweet-85'

    Scary handling!

    Ok, opinions please... Home brew 2.5 inch-ish lift on the bronco using 2 in blocks in the back and 2.5 inch spacers in the front, and a sway bar delete. I'm fine with the "roll over feeling" on corners from no sway bar, but when I'm just driving down the road, it wants to take off one direction...
  10. Sweet-85'

    Ideas for a sealed intake?

    Hey guys, just as the title implies, I'm looking to build a sealed intake filter system for my 84 BII. I've got everything to build the snorkel for the outside (traditional up the windshield to roof line, w/snorkel scoop), but I'm at a loss on what I can use for an air filter setup under the...
  11. Sweet-85'

    84 Bronco II, no start!

    84 Bronco II, duraspark conversion. Won't start, starts for a second if I pour gas in the carb, it has fresh gas in the tank. Opened the carb and there is no fuel in the bowl... Ideas???? It's been sitting about a year... Update, put fuel in the bowl, and she fires, and will rev if I hit the...
  12. Sweet-85'

    HELP! Dana 28 Caster Camber Adjustment!

    I'm posting this in two spots, just in case... Ok, so I just lifted the front of the Bronco, now the caster/camber is way off (obviously). What is the best caster/camber bushing out there that has the MOST amount of adjustment available? I know there are ones with more than 2.75 of adjustment...
  13. Sweet-85'

    HELP! Caster Camber Adjustment...

    Ok, so I just lifted the front of the Bronco, now the caster/camber is way off (obviously). What is the best caster/camber bushing out there that has the MOST amount of adjustment available? I know there are ones with more than 2.75 of adjustment, but I cannot find them! What have you guys used...
  14. Sweet-85'

    Alternator upgrade kits?

    Ok, so my buddy who is helping me put this Bronco together said there are kits available to up the amps of the stock alternator from the stock 40Amp to upwards of 100amps by replacing things like the regulator and other bits and pieces. I'm having some trouble finding these kits. Does anyone...
  15. Sweet-85'

    Project Budget Bronco

    Ok, so I guess I'll start a build thead for this and post progress as I go. Here is what I'm starting with: It's an 84 with stock drivetrain, 3.73 open. The rear is getting trac-loc, and other plans include: Plans include: - Remove exhaust, run 3" pipe after cat, side dump before rear...
  16. Sweet-85'

    Project Budget(ish) Bronco.

    Ok, so about 2 years ago, I sold my bare bones 85 4x4. Worst. Decision. Ever.:annoyed: I loved that truck, I never should have sold it, but I figured 3 vehicles was too much, and I wanted to concentrate on the Crown Vic and Cutlass. Well I quickly found I had Ranger withdraw again, and my...
  17. Sweet-85'

    What am I looking at here?

    Hello folks, long time no ranger. I sold my 85 a couple years ago, but I got the itch again, I want another 4x4 Ranger... I've found a 1990-91 through a friend for cheap. :yahoo: He is looking at scrapping it, so I figure I'll save it. He damaged the front axle pretty bad on the driver side...
  18. Sweet-85'


    Has anybody thought about shoehorning a Detroit diesel into a ranger? I know they made some smaller models, inline 4's and such, but what models would fit? Think about how cool it would be to roll down the road in a screamin' 2-stroke Detroit . . . Anyone else feeling me? :icon_bounceblue:
  19. Sweet-85'

    Cheap Lift?

    What's a good cheap way to get some extra lift on my 85? I just would like a little extra room for my 31's to breathe before I get my superlift. Thanks.
  20. Sweet-85'

    Leveling Kit 2003

    Who makes a leveling kit for a 2wd 2003 ranger, and how much am I looking at? Thanks.