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  1. 99supercab

    2000 3.0l misfire under load

    Hello everyone I just bought another 3.0ranger and under load it has a constant misfire. I just put new plugs and coil pack on it today and it does the samething.Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advanced.
  2. 99supercab

    1999 ranger 4x4 light flash 5 times and wont lock into 4x4

    well my 4x4 lights are flashing 6 times and it wont lock into 4 wheel high or low im up for any suggestions anyone has thnk you in advance for any help
  3. 99supercab

    whats up

    my names scott. im from doylestown ohio. all we do around here is go muddin n break a lot of parts. love the site ive been usein it for all my adventures over the past 2 years.

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