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  1. drive shaft angle after lift

    Anyone running a 3 to 4 inch lift tell me what your drive shaft angel is after the lift and how it's running with that angle. did you shim the axle or drop the rear of the trans or ??? Looking at the angle on mine and wondering what everyone else has and if there have been any issues with it.
  2. 2.8 EGR plate torque spec

    Anyone have or know of the torque spec for the Allen bolts on the EGR plate to intake on the 2.8? I can't seem to find that anywhere, had a bad leak and needed to replace the gasket now... no specs in the books. Need to get this going. Thanks
  3. 84 RGR/BII instrument cluster wiring diagram

    I've been looking all over the web for the wiring diagram for the harness at the instrument cluster on the 1984 BII, Any one have that? finding everything else but that. building a new gauge set up and need to reuse some of the old wires and a diagram would be extremely helpful. thanks
  4. Adding Side steps/nerf bars

    Any one have suggestions on nerf bars, side steps for the bronco II? I see that DEE ZEE has universal but I'm looking for something different. had those on my last BII and wasn't impressed. What have you used, how much fab went into getting them fit on? photos would be awesome. anything else...
  5. Picking up my next B2 Project

    More photos after paint pics after the paint and interior install
  6. Picking up my next B2 Project

    Photos of the project here are some photos of the work so far, before paint and interior
  7. Picking up my next B2 Project

    I'll be picking my new find tongiht :yahoo: Base model 1984 B2. very little rust, no holes anywhere yet, 55k on it, drivers seat is the only bad thing in the interrior (not that it matters, it's all getting changed). Beige with a tan interior, that has to go. I'll post pics of this later. Many...
  8. Duraspark upgrade on my 84 B2

    question on the conversion on my 84 2.8, Looking for the carb without buying a new one has been... lets say .... a challange. I'll buy all the other parts new but the carb i can rebuild if one is found. Today while looking at the local yard i found a 78 capri with the 2.8/171 in it suprisingly...
  9. new to the site, looking for some info

    This will be my second B2, had a 90 i did some mods on and sold it (regrets!) I really liked that truck. So I found a Solid 84 B2, only 40k on it. it's a clean truck but i can't do the color inside or out. I'm looking at upgrades, restore, change. I want to start with the interior. Question I...

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