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  1. anupaum

    Front Suspension Woes

    Okay, it's worse than I thought . . . The truck needs ball joints and shocks replaced. Its rear brakes aren't working AT ALL. Now I need brakes on all four corners, in addition to the ball joints, shocks and an alignment. Then, it will need a new set of tires. I looked at replacing it with a...
  2. anupaum

    Front Suspension Woes

    Hello everyone! I've not been around for awhile because my supercharged Ranger is no more and I've been driving a 2004 Explorer Sport Trac with the 4 liter V6. I really like the truck, but I've been experiencing chronic problems with the front end and I'm wondering if there is a fix . . . I've...
  3. anupaum

    Running Lean with Headers?

    I had a blower on my 4 cylinder Ranger for more than 10 years before buying the 4 liter Sport Trac that I own right now. About 18 months ago, I put on a set of Doug Thorley headers, thinking that they'd help somewhat with the engine's rather tepid performance. Now I've got a burnt valve in my...
  4. anupaum

    Spark Plugs

    I thought, "Only 6 plugs? This should be easy!" Ha! It isn't . . . I have a 2004 Sport Trac with the 4 liter V6. I thought changing 8 plugs in my 2.3 liter Ranger was bad, but this is ridiculous! I can't even get my hands in there to pull the wire boots, and there is NO WAY I can reach the #3...
  5. anupaum

    Header Install Issue

    Back in December I bought a set of Doug Thorley headers for my 2004 Sport Trac. I took them to a custom exhaust shop for installation today, and there's a problem . . . The stock exhaust manifold has provision for EGR on the driver's side, but the headers do not. Has anyone run into this...
  6. anupaum

    Doug Thorley Headers for 4 liter Ford on Sale

    Long ago I had a set of Doug Thorley tri-y headers on my (gasp!) Chevelle. The quality and durability impressed me, but more than that, my car had a unique sound AND burned less gas per mile after the installation. So . . . I was looking to do something about the pathetic fuel economy of my...
  7. anupaum

    Horrible Fuel Economy

    We've had a 2004 Explorer Sport Trac for about a month now. It's a comfortable ride, but I've never owned a vehicle that has had such lousy fuel economy. I took my son 4 wheeling today. We climbed two mountains (and coasted down both of them), driving a total of 100 kilometers before we fueled...
  8. anupaum

    Clunking / Rubbing Noise When Turning Left

    Hello everyone! I've never owned a 4x4 until today. We bought a 2004 Sport Trac, and while it seems like a nice vehicle, it makes a clunking / rubbing sound when turning left after coming to a complete stop. Any ideas what this might be?
  9. anupaum

    Supertruck Replacement Vehicle

    My sweetheart went up to Kelowna last Friday and bought a 2004 Sport Trac to replace our beloved Supertruck. This machine has 4WD, which should be a bit of a help around here when it snows . . . Interestingly, she says that it doesn't have the power of my Ranger. My eldest son complains that...
  10. anupaum

    Supercharger Kit

    Hello everyone! This afternoon, my sweetheart was involved in a crash that caved in the hood and front end of my supertruck. The truck is toast. It'll be too expensive to fix and I'm going to have to find something else to drive. :sad: However, the engine is still strong and the supercharger...
  11. anupaum

    Heater Core

    It's been on its last legs for awhile, but I've been reluctant to do anything about it. Why, you ask? Because the supercharger is in the way . . . It's in the way of EVERYTHING. The heater core itself loosens easily enough, but the hoses that connect it to the engine block are right behind...
  12. anupaum

    Selling the Supertruck

    It's sad, but I have to let my Supertruck project go . . . My eldest son is now old enough to drive, and the only vehicle we have available for him to learn is my Ranger. I've been out with him several times in the machine, but it's simply too much truck for a 16 year old to handle. We're...
  13. anupaum

    No Real News to Report

    Last week, while I was driving back from Langley, my air cleaner came loose and slid up against the serpentine belt just below the blower pulley. It didn't fail completely, but I had to replace another belt . . . (I think I should invest in Lordco stock!) Rather than just replacing the belt...
  14. anupaum

    What IS That Awful Noise?

    Most of the young bucks around here like to install fart cans on their four bangers and race around the neighborhood like they're something special. I laugh at them, but yesterday I got passed on the road by a guy driving what I THINK is a Subaru. I'm too old for street racing, so I let him...
  15. anupaum

    Emissions Testing

    Although I've been running a blower on my truck for several years now, I'm ALWAYS concerned when I have to go through the semi-annual emissions test. When I first installed the supercharger, I had a lot of trouble because of bogging and stalling off idle. This was caused by the interplay of...
  16. anupaum

    Replacing the Serpentine Belt Tensioner

    Has anyone done this? Does anyone know how it's done? After REMOVING my heater fan and re-installing my supercharger, I had my saintly father-in-law evaluate the pulley alignment. He thinks my tensioner needs replacing. I've never done this before, so I was hoping someone here could give me...
  17. anupaum

    Really Discouraged . . .

    After installing the new squirrel cage for my heater fan, I installed the new unit today. It was a bit of a pain to put in, but I got the thing mounted. However, it won't run. I hooked it up to power, just as I'd tested it, but it won't run and I don't know why. Worse, when I set the blower...
  18. anupaum

    Another Setback

    This may be the death knell . . . I got in the truck to take my boys to school this morning, but the belt slipped off when I fired it up. After putting it back on, the belt simply shredded and I'm now dead in the water again. My sweetheart is going to be VERY unhappy!
  19. anupaum

    No More Leaks!

    At least, I HOPE so! I've had to modify my intercooler tubing quite a bit. Last month I ordered some short radius elbows, which are now clamped (with the BIG clamps!) onto my intercooler. I had to take some of my tubes down to a muffler shop to have their ends expanded because the tubing is...
  20. anupaum


    All of a sudden I'm having serpentine belt problems. A few days ago part of my serpentine belt disintigrated, so I replaced it. Two days ago it began squeaking. It's not a little, minor thing, but an exceedingly irritating, nerve-grating noise that can actually aspire above my stereo! The...

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