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  1. Taillights and Dash lights not working, 1996 B3000

    I've been trying to figure this out for awhile and could use some help! So far I've checked all fuses underwood and at fuse block in cab, I replaced headlight switch but that didn't help either. I've heard it could be the dimmer switch? I've also heard the dash lights and rear tail lights are...
  2. Help with swapping 2007 Taurus dual fan into 1996 B3000?

    Ok so I'm trying to put a efan setup into my 96 B3000. Both have the 3.0 motor and roughly have the same size radiator. Easy enough to remove the taurus' fans plus shroud and install into the B3000. But, how to provide it with the necessary relays, temp switch etc? Should I just hook up a...
  3. Electric Fan Kit?

    I've been trying to find a fan kit for my 1996 B3000 3.0 5speed. Mostly for mpg increase etc. I can find the fans but not a kit with on/off temp sensors etc plus the fan or fans? Is there a plugNplay kit like that or I gotta piece it together myself? Any help experience appreciated! Thanks
  4. Removing Bed, Can I make it legal to drive?

    So, after removing the bed, can I mount the taillights etc on 2x4s to make it legal to drive? After removing Bed I will be replacing shock mounts, shocks, leaf springs etc but this is also a daily driver so I have to do it a weekend at a time.
  5. Removing Rear Upper Shock Mounts?

    Hi what's the best way to remove rusted out shock mounts? They look like rivets holding them in? Best thing I can think of is to grind off the rivet heads? Any help appreciated! I might remove the bed as it's rusted out bad on bottom but on top it has no holes...
  6. Ground Problems

    Hi gang So I'm having some electrical issues. I had a bad battery and when I put in a new one, my lights flicker and the gauge says my battery is low. I checked both new battery and alternator and they both check out as good, batt at 12.8 volts and alternator at 14.8 when running. Yesterday it...

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