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  1. 95 8.8 LSD Oil Change

    Changing the oil in my 95 8.8 LSD. I got 80w-90 "Limited Slip" oil. Do I need the friction modifier?
  2. 95 4.0 Rough and random idle

    I have a 4.0 that idles high, 1100-1200ish rpm, then will drop and rough idle 800-900rpm where it will almost die. I have replaced all vac lines with new, new plugs and wires, new Idle control valve, no dash lights. Where should I look next? Truck has plenty of power, no real hesitation, just...
  3. Compatible Rear Axle

    I have a 95 4.0, rear diff has a ton of backlash. I'd like to find a rear end at a salvage yard and have it rebuilt before pulling mine out. What compatible vehicles should I look for?
  4. Engine Damper

    Anyone know a source for this thing? Engine Damper hanging off the AC/Powersteering Bracket. Mine is obviously toast.
  5. 95 4WD Pitman Arm

    Rebuilt entire front end on my truck. New everything. Got it all back together and it seems the steering box is done, ton of play in the steering wheel. Thought it might be the rag joint but it still looks good. I pulled everything out today and it's definitely the steering box. No big deal can...
  6. 95 Ranger Disc Brake Dust/Splash Sheilds

    Anyone have a source for 95 Ranger 4x4 Front Disc Brake Splash/Dust/Backing sheilds? I cannot seem to find any listed anywhere.
  7. 95 4x4 Leaf Springs and Shackles

    Got a 95 XLT 4x4. Rear Leaf spring Shackles are about shot. Will probably replace both sides along with leaf springs. Who has the best price on these? Thanks, Eric

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