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  1. Help the Newbe kid

    Can someone tell me if they have some plans for a flatbed with raised fenders and such I was on here last night for 7 hours and could not find the plans I want I have some pictures of the ones I want but for some dumb reason cannot upload them if you really are going to help email me and I'll...
  2. Help me learn 89 2.8l to a 4.0l

    Ok I want to switch from my 2.8l to a 4.0l because my 2.8l is a bit under powered and needs a rebuild can someone tell me everything I'll need?
  3. First car project 88 ranger freedom

    hi my name is chris and I just bought my very first car at 18 and thought it was going to be a league of cake when I bought it for 600 bucks and all it needed was a heater core by once I got it home and took it on a test drive I found that I is burning oil but could that be caused by how broke...

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