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  1. major squealing without belt

    So, i currently own a 1997 ford ranger 4.0 automatic, but just bought a 1993 ranger 4.0, manual trans that had a plow and was what ive been looking for. It does not have any clutch feel to it ( little to no resistance) the previous owner claims to have replaced the master cyl. but a few shops he...
  2. 35s

    okay, so i got this nice big set of 35´s free but no rims. they are 35x12.5x17 so i have a 1997 ranger 4x4 with locking front hubs. so does anyone know what rims would work with the locking hubs? i know that the 06 explorer rims would bolt on and such, and there 7.5 wide ( looking for 8) however...

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