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  1. 5 trouble codes to high out off range

    Getting following codes now. 21,22,51,53,54. either out of range or high voltage voltage . Any ideas? Thanks
  2. no power to test port 90 Ranger

    where does the test port get its power ? Code reader won't work. Thank you
  3. 1993 explorer 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel????

    Is this a direct swap? Thank You
  4. Bronco 11 front springs with a 5.0 swap

    What coils springs are recommended with a 5.0 swap ? I here there is an alignment problem with stock springs. Thank You
  5. Found! 4.0 manual engine - starter plate

    Need a manual shift starter or engine plate? Also a shifter handle for a 5 speed? Came out of a 93. Thanks
  6. Delete 1988 Bronco 11 arm rest

    Does anyone have a good arm rest for the drivers side? Its for my grandson , its red but color is not important. He just wants one. Thanks
  7. Fuel line connecters.

    Don't know where to post. I need to know what fuel line connectors will fit a 1988 Ford Bronco 11 2.9 . The two at the fuel manifold. One for fuel inlet and one for the fuel regulator. I probably could use mine if I could get the spring retainer and seals. Thanks in advance.
  8. Can some ID a Diode on 88 Bronco11

    Does anyone know what the Diode by the Master cylinder on a 1988 Bronco 11 is for? Ford part # E77B-14A601- AB. Mine is yellow. I can get a picture. Thanks
  9. 1988 Bronco 11 pinion flange

    What all pinion flanges will fit this 7.5 differential ? It is the small u joint.
  10. 88 Bronco 11 spring hanger Found

    Does anyone know a source for the front rear spring hanger , or something close to it? Thanks
  11. Radius arm

    Can I use a 89-97 (Ranger and Bronco 11) radius arm on a 1988? They are both Dana 28s. I noticed the shock is different , but rear mount and bushings are the same. Thanks

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