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  1. greenpus

    4-cylinder MPG question

    It's common to get over 30 mpg with the newer 2.3's. The 2.5's usually got around 21 -25. I could get as high as 27-29mpg with my 2.5.
  2. greenpus

    Running Lean

  3. greenpus

    Running Lean

    my truck used to do that when it snowed or rained. the problems lies with a dirty MAF and dirty air intake tube. Fine dust makes its way through the filter and coats the MAF and air intake tube. Moisture (snow,rain) then gets into the dust creating an electrical short and shorts out the MAF...
  4. greenpus

    18" wheels - 2000 2wd

    Does anyone run 18 inch wheels on their truck? I'm curious if they will fit :D Background. When I lifted my truck I also installed 5 inch fender flares from Bushwackers. I then fitted the wheels and tires to the fenders, meaning I bought 15x10 rims and 31x12.5x15 tires so the edge of the rubber...
  5. greenpus

    Leaf spring ratings

    Anybody know what the rear leaf spring rating is on a 2000 2wd 2.5 with a SPR = K. Is there a chart some where?
  6. greenpus

    Need to fill a hole

    :icon_surprised: 2000 2wd ranger. Has anyone found a plug that fits into the cigarette lighter hole that looks half way decent? The plastic broke so my lighter fell out. I don't need it and just want to fill the hole with something that fits and looks good. I wasn't sure if ford had some kind...
  7. greenpus

    Carver M-4050I Amp

    I'm looking for old Carver Auto amps. Interested in hearing if anyone here has one and would like to sell it.
  8. greenpus

    98 and up Ranger door panel removal

    I want to replace the speakers in the door of my 2000 and was researching the difficulty of removing the door panels. Haynes manual states you have to remove the inner door handle which requires drilling out a pop-rivet :annoyed: Is this true on the 98 and newer trucks?
  9. greenpus

    Mobil 1 ATF - Product review

    I have a 2000 Ranger with manual tranny and have always used Redline D4-ATF in place of Mercon ATF. Redline is harder to find in this area so I thought I'd try Mobil 1 ATF. OMG! Mobil 1 ATF STINKS! and I mean that literally. I noticed the strong gear oil smell when I put it in the tranny but...

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