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  1. A4LD loading up in Park

    Yes but it is applying forward pressure (drive) not reverse
  2. A4LD loading up in Park

    By loading up I mean that the transmission is engaging and attempting to move forward against the pawl if shifting from drive to park. If I shift from park to neutral and back to park it will roll rearward if on a slight grade. Another example would be that the engine will not Rev up all they...
  3. A4LD loading up in Park

    I have a 1993 3.0 2wd with the A4LD. What it is doing is when I put it in park the pickup will roll forward against the parking pawl, I have learned to put it in neutral for a few seconds before going to park but it sometimes will still load up but after a few minutes. I have done some searching...
  4. Exhaust System Replacement

    Ok, so I have one more question for you guys since you have been so helpful. Anyone recommend a dual exhaust system? I ordered a kit from TruckExhaustkits.com and received it Friday. The kit is far from complete, I am giving them a chance to make it right so I am not going to go into detail...
  5. Exhaust System Replacement

  6. Exhaust System Replacement

    Yes they are but they actually get better mpg than my 3.0
  7. Exhaust System Replacement

    It really hasn't needed much, just a little here and there. I have a 3/4 and 1 ton diesels. So its nice to not have to drive a yacht around.
  8. Exhaust System Replacement

    So about 1 week before my grandpa passed away my grandma took him for a drive in his pickup. It had been sitting for about a year and she didn't know that the lower radiator hose had cracked and drained out all the coolant. It completed the hour drive but had damaged the cylinder bores pretty...
  9. Exhaust System Replacement

    Thank you all for the quick replies.
  10. Exhaust System Replacement

    This is my first post so I apologize if this has been discussed before. I did try and search for any previous posts with no luck. Anyway, I am in the process of rebuilding my pawpaw's old ranger, it is a 1993 2wd 3.0 Vulcan automatic trans. Currently has around 102,xxx miles on it and have...

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