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  1. Trouble finding front valance for a 2006 Ranger

    So I decided to get a new valance for the front of my 06. It has a hitch installed so when I got the new one I held it up and marked where to cut some notches for the tow hooks and all that. Of course when I went to put it on it is too short on the ends and the tabs that hold it on don't match...
  2. 2006 4.0 thermostat housing again

    Ok I'm back on the housing again. Ordered another one just in case. Got the aluminum one out and have the same issue with the sensors. The gray one fits in both holes and plugs in to both plugs. The brown sensor fits in both holes in the housing but wont plug in to either plug. The thinggy in...
  3. Changed thermostat housing now runs rough

    Just changed the housing and sensors last week. I took off the throttle body and idler pulley to get it in and out. The inside of the throttle body was filthy so grabbed a can of what I thought was TB and carb cleaner and gave it a doosh. Also when I installed the new housing I notices the...
  4. Finally done-time to drive!

    Finally got it done and road worthy. Fuel pump, battery, 2 inch lift, wheels and tires, shocks, all new brakes all the way around, grill, tailgate handle, descaled and painted frame, front wheel hubs, belt tensioner and idler pulley, clutch MC and a wax job. Not too bad for 200 bucks. She...
  5. Interior tool box?

    Does anyone make an interior tool box that fits a 06 extra cab? I dont plan on havibg anyone ride in the back so I would like to put a tool box back there.
  6. How the F do you get the clip off the clutch pedal rod

    Someone said get the Phoenix reverse bleeder to bleed the clutch. Didn't work. Awesome. The sick fu##ers at Ford had to have been laughing when they used 3 different screw sizes for the inner fender liner. Awesome. Got the wiriing harness disconnected from the switch but now I have no idea how...
  7. Need gauge advice

    Now that my truck is ready to hit the road, I need advice for the gauge problem. I have read a few different things about the gauges in the 05 and 06 and they are all different. I have no tach, fuel or engine temp and I'm not sure about the speedo because I have only driven the truck a couple of...
  8. Rolled it out of the shop for some fresh air today. lol

    Finally got it on it's own 4 feet today. 2 inch lift, new shocks, all new brakes on all 4 corners, new wheels and tires, new hitch, new running boards, new fuel pump and painted frame. Anti seize was used on everything for the next guy. lol I still need to bleed the brakes and put the bed on...
  9. What lug nuts for procomp series 51 wheels?

    Just got a set of procomp 51 wheels and now I need lug nuts. The hole for the lug is flat so should I use tapered nuts?
  10. Nees tool for torsion keys

    I bought the c clamp style but its not deep enough to go around the cross member. I have seen 2 other styles one has a flat spot on the top and the other is round. I already tried a floor jack and a 2 arm puller so now I give up and will order the tool.
  11. Limited slip or not?

    Can't find any info so I'll have to ask. 06. 4x4 4.0 8.8 rear with 4 10 gears. Nothing on the tag about limited slip. Is it or not? Will it hurt to add the modifier if its not an LS?
  12. Gauge repair?

    Is there any reputable gauge cluster repair guys out there? I'm thinking my cluster is in need of repair or replacement. All fuses are ok but nothing is working.
  13. 2006 xlt 4x4 gauges not working

    I just got this truck and found the gauges not working. It has fuel, temp and tach. None of those are working not sure about the speedo because I towed it home due to a dead fuel pump. Now that its running I found out none of the gauges are working.
  14. Gauges not working

    Ok I got the fuel pump figured out now on to the gauges. Temp, tach and fuel gauge not working. Not sure about the speedo yet. Everything else is working. Someone on another site suggested jiggling the connection above the clutch pedal. I did and nothing still.
  15. New parts on!

    Except for my fuel line set back I got some new stuff put on. First project was the shackles for the rear leafs. Half a can of penetrating spray, 3 hours with a torch and a lot of cussing I got the bolts out and the shackles on. Then it was time for the new hitch. I didnt have my kids around to...
  16. Fuel line clip broke.

    Well i put a new fuel pump in and of course the fuel gauge stopped working when I did. I went out to take the new pump out and one of the clips that holds one of the lines broke. It was the green one and now I cant get the line off the pump. I tried sticking a couple of tiny screwdrivers in each...
  17. New guy making progress

    Hey guys i posted how I got this truck in the new guy section so I'll skip that here and show what I'm doing with my new to me 06. Under the hood I had to put in a new battery and fixed the rusted out terminals, descaler the frame then wire wheeled it and painted on rust converter, new fuel pump...
  18. New guy in Idaho

    New guy here with a new to me 06 Ranger. A friend of mine bought it in 09 and drove it up until a couple years ago when he got a new truck. He used it to plow his driveway until he put new tires on it and they kept going flat. It sat for a year and when he put a new battery in it he couldnt get...

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