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  1. Ford Ranger pulling Glastron Boat "Video"

  2. How To ? 2010 fender flares/ 01 ranger

    Guys I have prefaced my truck from a 01-2010, I am in the process of completing the last few exterior mods to finish. I would like to know if I could mount the fender flares from a 2010 ranger to a 01, I don't have any mounting holes on my 01, and am confused about the if or how to. Please give...
  3. 01 Ranger 08 Range Conversion and Repaint "Pics Inside"

    moved on to another board, sorry guys,
  4. Wiring Oem foglights to a Non foglight ranger

    hey folks i have a 01 ranger/06 front end complete with bumper/grille including foglights, my ranger did not come with foglights, how would i go by wiring the fogs, thanks please be detailed. thanks
  5. erratic speedo problems

    Hi folks please tell what could be the problem, while i'm driving at freeway speeds, and usually in 4 or fifth gear, the tach start to jump back and forth between 3,000/4,000 rpm what could be the problem, this all happen after i installed the camshaft syncronizer, everything runs pretty smooth...
  6. Replace 3.0 to a 4.0 motor

    Hi guys, what is needed for my ranger, I have a 01 ford ranger with oem power doors/locks/windows conversion, What else is needed for the swap, please tell me everything as i live in CALI and need it to be state and smog legal, thanks
  7. changing rangers doorlock cylinders

    Hey guys I g=have some donor doors that I am putting on my ranger. I would like not getting a key nade for the donor doors as this would mean I have 2 separate keys for the ranger. how easy is it to take the lock cylinder out and put the one from my ranger in it. thanks
  8. Help!!!!!!!!! ohc/dome/electrical issues

    gUYS i HAVE TRIED AND TRIED AND HAVE HAD NO luck so far. Please I need your assistance. I have recorded 2 video clips so you guys could see for yourself. thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FosBEcgEMY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOVSkNGLh2M
  9. 5.0 conversion manual or automatic

    Hey guys got a hit on a 5.0 engine and a rear end from a mustang. want to know since folks are saying i should convert to a automatic over a manual with a 5.0 swap/ what are you take on this and why would folks say this. thks
  10. rear lights working strangely

    Hey guys i notice the other day i n my 01 ranger that when i backed up my neighbor said your backup light are not working. so i started to investigate further and when i dissasembled both rear taillights covers. i then turned on the key to position 1 and notice that not only does my rear backup...
  11. AEM Brute Force CAI

    i just found out from the fatory that this set-up is really made for v-8. but i notice some guys with v-6 rangers have them on their trucks. now would these hender performance if the application was not made for the v-6? i do love the soucd and not having that popping sound. if these will do on...
  12. 01 ranger 60/40split convert 01 mustang Gt buckets

    Guys here is my issue. on the Tech Lib it states that I can swap my seats for ford mustang gt buckets. well as I stated I went to the yard and got some grey allmost mint power driver and regular bucket seats. In the tech area it states these are hard to fine. But at this yard they have like 10...
  13. manual 3.0 versus auto 3.0

    who prefers one over another? and what are the advantages of having one or the others? and when it comes to more performance upgrades which one would have the better benefits.
  14. Flowmaster Super 44 on 01 ranger 3.0

    Guys I would like to if I can run these on my 3.0. I thought a person could not add duals on a 3.0 and still be smog legal. so tell me are folks running these form the exhaust or duals out from the tips. Youtube has a few vids where they sound nice. I am leaning towards them and I would love to...
  15. AC woes PLEASE HELP....................

    Hey I took my car into Econo Lube today as I know the owner. he test the entire system which took about an hour. After he saids all is fine and gave me a check list that shows all is fine. He said he had to manually start the compressure becuase it was getting no power to it and he does not know...
  16. 06-08 bumper/valance/billet grille fit a 01 ranger

    can the 06-08 bumper/valance and grille fit a 2001 ford ranger.
  17. Ford ranger rubber flooring conversion

    Hey guys I have carpet in my ranger and would like to convert to all rubber flooring. where can I buy this? is it held to the floor by adhesive? thks
  18. manual doors/window to power doors/window

    Is their a way to convert a manual window/ non-powered doors to a power door locks/windows? If so what is needed?
  19. Converting a 2001 ranger seats to a Exployer electric seats

    Hey I have the seats from 2001 ford exployer and they fit perfectly. The only problem is I have seen the writeup on wiring but I am a newb when it comes to this. How can I go by wiring power seats to a ranger that never had power seats? any help would be very appreciated. thks
  20. hey guys first ranger owner

    Hey guys I am a first ford ranger owner by luck I guess as my neighbor moved to Canada and needed to sell his 2001 ford ranger xlt 6cy 3.0. Although I did not want it. I decided to go ahead and help him out he sold it to me for $500 runs strong and mechanically sound with 138,000. I have already...

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