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  1. 5 trouble codes to high out off range

    Thank you. can I do all this as a single test or do it one at a time?
  2. 5 trouble codes to high out off range

    Getting following codes now. 21,22,51,53,54. either out of range or high voltage voltage . Any ideas? Thanks
  3. M5OD Inner Shift Boot? ('94)

    There is no number on the bottom rubber. Here are the rest. These are made by IRVIN transfer case boot 277532 the bezel 27624 1 shifter boot I have 3 they appear to be identical 276237 and 276490 third one has no visible number. Like another said get some belting , mud flap or...
  4. M5OD Inner Shift Boot? ('94)

    I will check . If your truck was electri 4 X 4 I have an excellent set up with cup holder less the floor plate. That bottom boot is different however.
  5. M5OD Inner Shift Boot? ('94)

    Here are the pictures.
  6. M5OD Inner Shift Boot? ('94)

    I can send you a picture of the complete set-up if you need it.
  7. no power to test port 90 Ranger

    Yep with the fuel pump running constantly it flooded the plugs. Put some used ones in and a ecm I had that's not very good. Marked junk. Started ,it will idle at correct rpm but still stinks and missed. Ordered another ecm. it still won't bring up codes?? It is the correct ECM . The 88 bronco 11...
  8. no power to test port 90 Ranger

    I put the original automatic ecm in . it started its test but when it did the fuel pump test it stopped and the pump would not shutoff. reinstalled the other ecm pump worked like it should. This is not going good. It won't start. Coil , plugs firing 38 pounds of fuel pressure Put diode on...
  9. no power to test port 90 Ranger

    Sorry to bother you again. Went out to the 88. Wired in the exact way the 90 is. plugged it up turned it on then turned the key on pressed test and it tested. Any ideas? All fuses good. Here's what happened. Renewed the entire cooling system intake included , tested and cleaned all injectors...
  10. no power to test port 90 Ranger

    Went out and looked at one of the bronco 11s that's here. It's wired just like the 90. Gonna try tomorrow. Only thing is only one of the 2 Bronco 11s will show codes and I don't remember which one it was😂 If it won't I'll go to the parts store and get another reader. I'll get back with you...
  11. no power to test port 90 Ranger

    looking at the code reader left to right . left up and down pin has the separate wire hooked to the reader , next pin crosswise has a wire , last pin crosswise has nothing , bottom line pin has a wire hooked to it . Doesn't appear to been changed. But it's over 30 years old. What...
  12. no power to test port 90 Ranger

    I'm including a second picture , also off a 90 ranger 4 cylinder. There are no wires missing as you can see from me opening up the harness. The Other is different from mine. To get some parts for this particular truck they need the serial number or build date.This one has a build date of 10/89...
  13. no power to test port 90 Ranger

    I don't have those colors or that many wires. I even untaped the harness and that's all there are. Code reader comes on but stays at 000. There is no power in the plug as you stated. Here are the pictures. Thank you
  14. no power to test port 90 Ranger

    where does the test port get its power ? Code reader won't work. Thank you
  15. Front drive shaft bolts

    I would suggest a actual bolt store who has industrial bolts . Here we have EBN. Also Fastenal. The 12 pt should worked. I switch the exhaust studs to allen's. Happy hunting
  16. Help confirm my thoughts on rear hatch lock - please

    It must be the rear wiper that may cause problems with the lock. Can you not pull the rear panel and modify a rod and drill a small hole in the panel and at least lock it from the inside? Just a thought.
  17. Help confirm my thoughts on rear hatch lock - please

    I think you have to wobble out the mounting holes. I put one on my grandsons 88.
  18. Help confirm my thoughts on rear hatch lock - please

    Got an 84 parts truck , it has a lock cylinder just like the 88 . It also has the glass that opens.
  19. 1993 explorer 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel????

    I have a complete 93 4.0 5 speed , it has everything less the body. Runs but frame is bent. If I'm reading this right , drop the whole front axle assembly both brackets , yes one is riveted and put it under the Explorer ? Gonna use a 1350 for know. I have everything for a 1354 but the transfer...
  20. 1993 explorer 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel????

    Thank you . I was afraid of that. I'll keep looking for a true 4 X 4

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