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  1. robertc1024

    Truck for Free

    Alright gents. I've been on here a long time and I need to let my Ranger go. It's a bone-stock '88. I got it for free with the condition that I'd have to give it away and I don't think there's a better place to do it. Good things: Not an iota of rust. Fresh battery. New Shocks. New Tires -...
  2. robertc1024

    boolit thread

    Do you guys trust each other??? I met a random dude on Texasguntalk and he was hurting for .38 specials because he got a new-to-him k-frame. I had to drive to Houston today and randomly bought him a 50 round box of .38's for $23 bucks and took it to him at his work. Can't we do something...
  3. robertc1024

    Water Heater Breaker

    Ok gents, here's the deal. Every six months or so my guest house trips the breaker going to the water heater. It's a pretty old heater ~10 years or so, but if the bottom heating element was sagging and shorting out, wouldn't it do it more frequently? Other than the breaker trips, it seems to...
  4. robertc1024

    Electrics Dead

    HALP - So I'm driving my other truck (2008 F150) to a gym meet out of town. ABS light comes on while going down the highway. I was looking at the gauges, and all of the sudden all of them are dead. The truck was still running fine. I pulled off and parked it. I tried to start it again and...
  5. robertc1024

    Top Ten Reasons Men Prefer Guns to Women

    And here we go... #10 - You can trade an old 44 for a new 22. #9 - You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you're on the road. #8 - If you admire a friend's gun and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times. #7 - Your primary gun doesn't mind if you keep...
  6. robertc1024

    Gun Safe

    I put almost all of my guns in my gunsafe. I locked the darn thing and now, I can't open it. It has one of those circular shafted keys that you press in to move the tumblers. It works perfectly on the lower lock, but not the top one. I sprayed the lock with gun oil (yeah, I know it's a...
  7. robertc1024

    Is it Appropriate?

    Should the first thing you ever shoot at with a new pistol is a beer can you just drank the beer out of? I'm thinking it's like the first deer where you get it's blood on your face. Or a pointer gets to eat the first quail head he retrieves. Or the old west Indians eating the warm heart of a...
  8. robertc1024

    Holy Cripes

    Are you guys in the rest of the country having ammo shortages? I went to a local sporting goods store (Academy) and their ammo stock was darn near gone. I went to a Cabelas and it was the same. They didn't even have boxes of .22's.
  9. robertc1024


    Hey guys, I've got a Colt DA-38 - like this: What should I check to insure it's safe to shoot? I know it shoots .38 long colts and they might be interesting to try to find. I've got an ancient box of them but ???. How much slop should the cylinder should have? That's the only part of the...
  10. robertc1024

    1960 F100 with a Perkins

    Ok Gents, I posted something on this in GD and can't find that thread so, here's a new one. My buddy Rex at work has a 1960 F100. He got a Perkins diesel he's going to put in it. That goes along with a Crown Vic crossmember/front end, rack and pinion in the front and a Lincoln Mark VIII IRS...
  11. robertc1024

    Wireless Routers

    Ok Gents, I've got an ancient Netgear g router. Some of our family's devices are n. I also need to have the network reaching out to our poolhouse. Here come the questions: 1. I understand that if you have an n router and g devices slow it down to g speed. How much is it a PITA to hook my n...
  12. robertc1024


    There's 29 on here, at 10:30 go to bed. Or get laid and go to bed.
  13. robertc1024

    Clutch Issues

    Hello Gents, fortunately I've never had to worry about this forum before. I searched and couldn't find anything about the issue I'm having. In my '88 with an M50D, the friction point of my clutch started changing. It always used to be more or less in the middle of the clutch stroke. As I...
  14. robertc1024

    Hogs gone wild

    Have any of you seen this on the Discovery Channel? What a load of crap. Every one of the trappers is like "oh, this pig will feed a lot of people." I think that implies that they're going to kill it, yet they lasso the pig, stick their foot on it's throat and try to seem all badass. Myself...
  15. robertc1024


    I'm fairly happy right now. Our whole company switched from blackberrys to I-phones. All of our blackberrys got shipped to the military so they would have something more up-to-date. It was only about 30 phones, but still - Support those Troops!!!
  16. robertc1024

    PB Shifter

    I've got an M50D in my '88. It shifts cleanly and well up through all the gears - i'm ignoring the bad 2'nd gear syncro. If I downshift from 4th to 3rd, it feels like the shifter is in peanut butter. It takes a pretty good shove to get into 3rd from 4th and it's just really slow and if it's...
  17. robertc1024

    Best Thing You've ever sold

    My best friend traded a 1957 MGA for a paint job on his Datsun 1600 Roadster. Google that one guys. Anyway, 10+ years later he calls me up "You want that MGA I used to have, the guy I traded it to is going to jail and his roommate said they had to move" I got it for free, got it running and...
  18. robertc1024

    First Ranger Rescue

    So today, I got to do my first rescue in my Ranger. A buddy from work has a relatively new VW and its oil pressure light came on. I had to pull him about 5 miles, through the middle of town, across the interstate etc. to a repair shop. The funniest thing though was that he's from Germany and...
  19. robertc1024

    Weird Turn Signal Issue

    My turn signals quit working today on my '88 - but only when the engine is running. If I shut the engine off and turn the key back into the "run" position, the turn signals work properly. It also seems to be intermittant because I was cruising down the highway this afternoon and they worked a...
  20. robertc1024

    Hand Job

    Ok guys, This is as good as she's gonna get after a hand washing and waxing (what were you thinking?). I didn't want to embarass TRS when I get the banner tomorrow.

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