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  1. Loanranger

    Ignition switch wiring schematic

    I need to find a wiring schematic for a 97 Mazda B2300 ignition switch. I'm trying to swap the wiring over to the switch of an 83 Ranger, and have power and starter signal, but lose the power to the coilpack while cranking. I can't find any pins on the 83 switch that are hot both while cranking...
  2. Loanranger

    pics of m50d shift rail plugs

    Took some pics of the shift rail plugs for the tech section, just to show location basically.
  3. Loanranger

    Super cheap fuel pump?

    Haha. I know. I figured I'd ask though. I'm looking for an inline electric fuel pump to power the 97 2.3 with EFI in the LJ. Has anybody found one in a pinch that will work? I was wondering also about the high pressure pump from an 83-88 ranger, can I run just that, or do I still need the lift...
  4. Loanranger

    Central Time Module

    What is it? I'm trying to simplify a harness, and I'd like it to not be included. :D I'm shooting for a standalone engine/trans harness, so EVERYTHING else is getting tossed. And while I'm here.... I'd like to omit the instrument panel while I'm at it. I see one wire passing through that...
  5. Loanranger

    2.3 and trans question

    I'm getting close to needing an engine in the Fordzuki, and I've got a donor for it, a 97 Mazda with the 8 spark plug 2.3, with a m50d five speed behind it. The problem is, the trans won't fit in the zook, because it's longer than the tk4 that's in it now, and there is no room to reconfigure...
  6. Loanranger

    Fordzuki's first flop

    We were headed out to Tahuya today, and ended up turning back because of the snow. So I gave a buddy a call, and headed over to his place for some backyard wheeling. :headbang: It started out all inocent like, crawling through a hole his son had dug, and playing around a little in the mud...
  7. Loanranger

    Ethanol and water

    So what are your guys' thoughts on running an engine on ethanol and water? A diesel engine specifically. :stirthepot:
  8. Loanranger

    Project Mazzuki

    Project Ramzuki Well y'all know how it is. Once you start building, you can't stop with just one. :icon_twisted: The newest creation will be another Suzuki, this time it's an 83? Suzuki SJ410. I picked it up from a buddy who had been storing it at my house, and the longer I looked at it, the...
  9. Loanranger

    4wd cherry picker

    I've needed one around the house for awhile now, to move heavy stuff around the gravel lot out back, so I came up with this, pivots on the frame, and is controlled by the winch.
  10. Loanranger

    RWD Trans behind Escort diesel?

    Will the Escort diesel engine bolt up to a TK4?
  11. Loanranger

    pinto vs ranger 2.3

    What are the key differences (if any) between a pinto 2.3 and a ranger 2.3? The only difference I've found in searching is the pinto motor is rated at 88 hp, while the ranger is rated at 79 hp. Are there any internal differences?
  12. Loanranger

    Tire Recall READ THIS!

    The Cooper Tire Co. manufactures just some of the following 183,602 Units Affected on the RECALL List below, Pro Comp Xtreme A/T Cooper Discoverer S/T, Dean Mud Terrain Radial SXT Durango Radial XTR, Mastercraft Courser C/T, Dick Cepek Radial F-C II, Mesa C/T, Tempra Trailcutter Radial...
  13. Loanranger

    Motor ideas

    Well, I think I've done it, and killed the motor on the Fordzuki. It's an 83 2.3 out of a ranger, on a TK 4 speed. So I'm looking at options on a swap, and while just replacing the 2.3 with another 2.3 would be sufficient, There may be other options worth looking into. The current motor, up...
  14. Loanranger

    milkshake anyone?

    Well, I'm hoping for the best. Today while out wheeling, I got into a pretty deep mudhole, got stuck because I only had 3 wheel drive (broken birf) and had to be winched out backwards. The exhaust was submerged, so I kept if just off of idle the entire time, and it was running fine. I get out...
  15. Loanranger

    Np435 to 2.3

    I searched google and didn't find anything, so I figured I'd ask the gurus. Has anybody ever adapted a 2.3 lima to an NP435? Is this even possible? Discuss...
  16. Loanranger

    Wood gas

    The wave of the future. ;missingteeth; Please watch this to get in the right frame of mind first... http://youtube.com/watch?v=T17GgfTtvi4 The woodgas video. http://youtube.com/watch?v=zi7Yf8-sAxM As far as the idea goes, I think it's very clever. As far as having a woodstove in the back of...
  17. Loanranger

    Alignment question

    Ok, so it's a newb question, but I figured I'd get some insight here before I get started. This is on my Dads 88 reg cab longbed, D28 front axle. We added 1 inch of spacers under the springs. The original camber/caster bushings are 1.0 degree on both sides. From using an angle finder, it looks...
  18. Loanranger

    Crossmember swap

    Well, I knew it would happen, and it did. The ranger (88 reg cab, longbed, 2.9, fm146) I have been building up for my dad to wheel has the trans crossmember with the bushings on the outside of the frame, and he came down pretty hard on it last trip out, and bent the whole thing back, smashing...
  19. Loanranger

    from carb to FI on 2.3

    I've been thinking about swapping from carbed (weber) to fuel injection on my '83 2.3, what all would I need to make this swap, or is it even possible without swapping heads? From what I can think of, it would just be the intake(with injectors and TB), harness and computer right? Are there any...
  20. Loanranger

    Leaf spring rate

    I know I've seen it somewhere before, but can't find it from searching. Isn't there a general rule for spring rate in leaf springs? As far as how many leafs of a certain thickness will generate how much spring rate?

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