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  1. 407Link

    Tires chopping

    My front tires are chopped up(knobs are worn front to back individually) and my rears are worn perfect, I had a place rotate them(free) and I don't think they did.. would my front tires do this more then the rear?
  2. 407Link

    AC lights

    I just had my airbag off light burn out and now my ac control lights..I'm just wondering what kind of lights you use to replace ac lights? Radio shack part # or anything
  3. 407Link

    04 Edge

    First pic ever of the truck CB/PA Black headliner/badges/rims/grill Winch (for gettin my jetski in the bed and holding things down) 5% Tint Vinyl Rear window Tailgate radio
  4. 407Link

    billet pully

    I got a buddy with a cnc machine and was thinking bout making one to see if they would work...tried to look for one online but they are all steel. think it would work?
  5. 407Link

    Ranger decals

    I want to paint them just can't find what people use to stick them back on
  6. 407Link

    Dome light switch stopped working

    Is there a way to fix it or is it easier to just get a new one?
  7. 407Link

    Welded rear end?

    Should i weld my rear end?
  8. 407Link

    Cruise control stopped working

    My cruise control stopped working and my manual doesn't show where any fuses for it would be. Any ideas?
  9. 407Link

    Radio only works when clutch is pressed in?

    If i am in neutral the radio works fine and if i am in 1-5 it only works when the clutch is in? this ever happen to anyone
  10. 407Link

    way to tighten door?

    My door rattles when i drive like the latch is loose. is there a way to fix this?
  11. 407Link

    Biggest lift for torsion?

    Whats the biggest lift for torsion bar setup. I've been looking for over a year and can only find 3" lifts is the coil conversion better?
  12. 407Link

    How can i get under the piece in front of my window

    I looking at how i can get under that piece in front of the windshield where the wipers are. i need to replace a washer line and lookin to mount lights up there
  13. 407Link

    cig lighter?

    My truck has to power outlets and the one on the driver side doesn't work..can't seem to find the fuse for it
  14. 407Link

    Can I adjust where the clutch catches?

    I have to push the clutch all the in for it to work. can i adjust it so it engages sooner?
  15. 407Link

    New In Fl

    New to the site. I have a 04 ranger edge 3.0 5spd on 31x10.5 with only torsion crank

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