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  1. TastySloth

    Engine Harness

    Okay, so I am putting a shortblock in my truck in a couple of weeks. Yes, it has forged pistons so if I want to eventually turbo this thing I can. :yahoo: When I built the truck 2 years ago, I think I put the harness on the wrong side of the engine or something. Many of the wires don't have...
  2. TastySloth

    John Kaase Race Engines

    Has anybody had any experience with John Kaase engine parts? My old man and I are looking into getting a set of P-51 heads for the Mustang. I think he saw these heads on one of the Powerblock shows a while back and wanted to know more...
  3. TastySloth

    2300 Head Alignment Dowels

    My old man raced mini stocks and Outlaws for years using this engine and has done all kinds of tricks to pull just a little more power. Even turning down the aux cam and making his own flywheels. As far as I remember, he never did this on any of his engines. Okay, a few months ago (more like in...
  4. TastySloth

    Toe Specs

    Okay, I know there are tons of people on here that do alignments so I will just ask. I hit a big ol' pothole the other day and now my trucksicle wanders and pulls right. Checked the toe and it is 3/8 out. Every place around here wants a ridiculous amount of dough to only adjust Mr. Tie-rods, so...
  5. TastySloth

    Ahoy from Kittitas!

    I have been lurking around TRS for a while now. Thought I probably should just remove my head and join. First truck was a 2wd Ranger, then got dumb and went to Chevrolet for a few years. Last September I picked up a blown up '86 std. cab short bed 4x4 and did a transplant during the winter. I...

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