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  1. 06yellowranger

    2006 Ranger Sport 4X4, I'm done for a while(no 56K)

    New euro tails: New Explorer front sway bar on top, stock bar is on the bottom: New AEM Brute Force intake: New Gibson cat back, crappy pics, I'll get some better ones later: A few videos of the new Gibson as well. Vid #1 Vid #2 I have a few more pics and vids, but they suck...
  2. 06yellowranger

    Seaside, NJ Meet - October 20th

    Well, I figured I'd throw up the meet thread since I have all this free time, lol, let's get another one started. Seaside, October 21th - 12pm-ish Coming: RPS Me NVRDONE Ice Bloodshrine 98Spdemon Rockinthehawk 97flatblack Supcatcher12 91RangerNJ reduck 98liftedranger Coming: TRS...
  3. 06yellowranger

    Not a RBV, but my DD

    I really don't like this thing, but while I'm in school it's better than putting all the miles on my Ranger, so here's a pic of my 2003 Ford Windstar LX, lol, no sarcastic comments please, hahaha
  4. 06yellowranger

    What's up with the Rep Power thing

    I've never belonged to a site that really had this feature, either that or I just ignored it, can someone explain what it's for, thanks. Eric
  5. 06yellowranger

    Audio FAQ by Tempe

    Originally written by Tempe on the original TRS.com 1. My truck is all stock Q: Why should I even bother upgrading my system? A: There is no one answer. Some people just want super-loud bass to look cool. You might want a cleaner sound. Let us not forget die-hard SQ or SPL competitors that...
  6. 06yellowranger

    2006 Ranger Sport 4X4

    here's my stock '06 Sport, hopefully it won't be stock for long: here's a shot after i painted my lettering on my tires Eric
  7. 06yellowranger

    How to drop your Edge/Sport

    Originally written by my buddy Preston (d-townranger) on RPS.com, thought I would share with ya'll. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started with the back. All the edges/sports come with stock lift blocks. You can either take it out and put it...

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