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  1. BrownRangers

    Spring rate vs Load rating?

    Does anyone know the spring rate of the 1050lb(load rating) rear leaf springs and/or the 1350lb. Spring rate would be more in the 200-300 lbs I would assume. I was going to try to fit some fiberglass leaf springs from a different application into my truck. Thinking I might want to get some...
  2. BrownRangers

    Mustang 4.0l V6 T-5 to 2.8???

    Anyone ever tired this? I have a fully built out 2.8 ready to swap into my 84. I know at some point with more track days in my future the TK5 will eventually die. Looking for options to have ready as spares. I already have a spare 88 2wd trans, but would consider just going the T-5 route if...
  3. BrownRangers

    Quick time 4.0 bellhousing compatibility

    Has anyone tried this bellhousing with a 2.8? Would a Mustang 3650 be compatible with this housing? https://www.holley.com/products/drivetrain/bellhousings/parts/RM-4060
  4. BrownRangers

    Track Day Willow Springs

    1984 2.8 v6
  5. BrownRangers

    For Sale SOCAL 1st GEN parts MSD, Holley, Motorcraft, Block/Heads cores, I-beams and more

    I have a bunch of items from 1983-97 Rangers I will posting up and trying to get out of my garage. Will ship some smaller parts but will not ship some things at this time like i-beams and rear window as an example. I will be updating this as I go thru all my parts. Prefer local pickup, can...
  6. BrownRangers

    1984 Rusty Ranger

    Willow Springs 1/24/20 setup: Engine: 2.8 V6 #50 main jets(MotorCraft stock carb) K and N Filter Castrol 10w-40 GTX conventional Lucas oil stabilizer about 1/2 quart Ignition: MSD 6AL with 5000RPM chip(being safe) Accell TFI style coil NGK plugwires Autolite copper plugs Exhuast: Edlebrock...
  7. BrownRangers

    My 2.8 build. Chat away.

    FORD COLOGNE 2.8l 171ci V6 1972-1986 compatible Will fit in Capri, Mustang, Bobcat, Ranger, Bronco II, Pinto and others. Block is from 1973-1978 Capri Heads from 1983-1986 Ranger This engine has had EXTENSIVE prep work done to increase performance everywhere. Alignment honed mains Bored...
  8. BrownRangers

    1984 2.8 gauges not working when hot?

    1984 Ford Ranger 2.8 2wd with 4 gauge left dial, has fuel, oil p, water t, and amp. When cold under 60 degrees(CA cold) gauges work fine. Sometimes will go out as truck gets hot or temps get hot. Also wont work if truck is then parked when engine hot and outside temp is hot. Next time you...
  9. BrownRangers

    A4LD swap options?

    Looking to pick up another Ranger. Trans overheated says previous owner. "Ran fine till started slipping" Could this be a quick fix or should I have rebuilt? 1988 XLT 2.9 A4LD 2WD Quotes for benchwork and parts is $1500-$2100 for a rebuild with local quality shops. What are my options for...

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