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  1. goldxlt

    2000 4.6 runs rough

    I bought an expedition a few months ago, high miles(190k), very lemon-esk but it ran good. I let it sit while on vacation and now it seems to run rough; sometimes it only from idle to 2000 rpm, sometimes its hallways doing it. When I say, "runs rough" it seems to stumble or stutter, can hear...
  2. goldxlt

    2003 f150 abs issues,

    I test drove 2003 f150(4x4, 4.6) last night and every time I csme to a stop the abs would kick on, dry pavement, would kick on at very end, say between 10-5mph. Could this be a bad abs/wheel speed(?) sensor?
  3. goldxlt

    what might this part belong to?

    ok i found this the other day in my driveway and have know idea what it goes to, i assume its a plug for somthing because of the o-rings. it has 4 little dots on one side of the shaft and this metal ball on the end, the top is smooth. i have my ranger and the wifes grand cherokee in the...
  4. goldxlt

    creaking/squeaking from front end

    i have a 03 4x4 that now has a creaking noise comming from the front end, seems to happen when on bumps but will do it when i turn the wheel while sitting still. i had cranked my tbars about a inch a month ago, i wouldnt think the would have anything to do with it, some kind of bushing getting...
  5. goldxlt

    center of wheel to fender measurement?

    i have an '03 4x4 and was wondering what the stock measurement from the center of the wheel to the fender is, my truck seems like it is sagging but i could just be me, i tried to measure mine but got 20" on one side and 19" on the other, i think my less the perfect driveway is screwing with me.
  6. goldxlt

    ? for those with add a leafs

    i have a set of add a leafs sitting around, never had any intention of putting them on but i figure i got them, i might as well use them, im just wondering if it really stiffens up the back of the truck, i like how my truck rides now and i really didnt want to make it any stiffer.
  7. goldxlt

    brake warning light on

    noticed that the brake light in the instrument panel was on yesterday, found that my pass rear wheel cylinder was leaking. replaced that and bleed only that wheel. now the light is still on. i took it around the block and it feels like i should try bleeding every wheel. would this light come...
  8. goldxlt

    help, cant get tailgate back on

    i took the tail gate off of my 03 stepside, now i cant get the damn thing on. i had a hell of a time getting it off too. i cant get the left side to go on, i bought new bushings and that didnt help. the new bushing slides onto the knob of the truck and into place in the gate, but once its in...
  9. goldxlt

    having some trouble getting tail got off

    ok i tilted the gate to an 45 degree angle and pulled out the right side but i cant get the left side to pull out. it should just pull off to the right but it seems like something is holding it on. should i just grab the mallet and start beating on it or should i just take the whole "hinge"...
  10. goldxlt

    what is worn if i can....

    had my wheels off on my 03 4x4 and i could grab onto the rotor and have some forward and backwards play (using two hands, pushing with one and pulling with the other) but only in the horizontal plane, not the vertical. what is worn out? update 12/20 it was the tie rod, had it brake on the...
  11. goldxlt

    why does my a-arm look wierd

    never noticed this before, my pasenger side upper a arm is different then the one on the drivers side, instead of being one "hoop" from the frame to the ball joint, i have one hoop off the frame and then a second that the ball joint sits on that attaches to the first one. is this a universal set...
  12. goldxlt

    2003 door ajar problems

    ok before every one jumps down my neck i know the door ajar is a common problem on the extended cabs, wd40 has been working great up until now. i have a rough driveway; every time i drive down the drive my light is goin off and on over every bump, if my door ajar light is on i can just pull the...
  13. goldxlt

    led dash question

    my bulbs went out in my dash and im looking to replace them, i have searched around a bit and saw that i need 194's and that superbrightled.com or what ever is a good place to go however there seems to be so many different kind of 194's. what should i be looking for to put in my dash?
  14. goldxlt

    taking a trip to maine in a few weeks

    im taking a trip up to maine in a few weeks and was just wondering what some of the must see things are. probably will go to the coast but im really into camping and would like to check out some of the state parks as well. i was hoping someone would give me some tips on what to go check out...
  15. goldxlt

    ball joint questions

    my truck (2003 with torsion) has had a popping noise for a while now while turning, mainly notice it it on low speeds or when the truck is not moving. i have been told its probably the ball joints so i was doing a little reasearch on the subject. how would i know if its the upper or lower...
  16. goldxlt

    small leak under radiator, pics

    my truck (2003 4.0 4x4) is leaking some sort of fluid, not sure what it is exactly. when looking from the front of the truck it is right above the passanger a arm. thought maybee it was power stearing but i really have no idea. ought to be able to see where its leaking sorry for the blurry...
  17. goldxlt

    how to get out of a contract using 3 day law?

    my parents recently had some trees cut down and the guy left them, it did not say anywhere in the contract for clean up so thats fine. my parents decided it would be to much for them to clean up so they contacted the person again and signed a deal to have the mess cleaned up for $3000, that is...
  18. goldxlt

    is using a clevis for recovery a good idea?

    just wondering if a screw pin clevis would be safe to use to hook my strap(no hooks just eyelets) to my truck(tow hooks are closed "D" style). i have seen many people with them on their trucks but that doesnt nessacerly mean it is safe. Also are they all generally the same, i have seen them...
  19. goldxlt

    what would cause uneven pad wear?

    in an attempt to save money i started doing my own work on the truck. today i was checking my brakes out and i noticed that my inner pad on the driverside had uneven wear to it. the outer pad on the driver side seems to have even wear and alot more life left and the both passenger side pads...
  20. goldxlt

    looking to get first cb, what should i know?

    i was thinking of getting a used cb radio for my truck, just somthing to have for an occasional trail ride. i found a "REALISTIC TRC-430,40-CHANNEL 2-WAY CB RADIO" for $50 bucks. seems cheap but i really dont know a whole hell of alot about them. is there any special kind i should be looking...

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