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  1. Myles Cyncora

    TPMS light on but pressures are good

    On my way to work today my tire light came on after 25ish minutes of driving. Everything as got to be at temperature by then. I didn't feel and difference in my truck so I kept going to work. As soon as I got to work I checked all the pressures and they were all 30psi. This isnt the first time...
  2. Myles Cyncora

    Steering wheel and seat swap

    Hey in my city there is a 2006 Explorer being parted out. So for something different I am wondering if the steering wheel would bolt onto my 2008 Ranger? Hopefullythe cruise control would still work but definitely the air bag would have to work. That's the main thing I'm wondering. On a side...
  3. Myles Cyncora

    Superduty Tow mirrors

    Has anyone dared to put 08 to 16 Ford Superduty tow mirrors on their Ranger? I'm not expecting heat or powered mirrors. I have seen the old generation Chevy tow mirrors on an early 2000s Ranger on google. If anyone has done this swap I would be very interested in doing it for myself.
  4. Myles Cyncora

    Wheel and tire swaps

    Hey I am wondering what other ford vehicle wheels and tires will DIRECTLY bolt on to stock 2008 Ranger hubs? I have tired to look through the threads couldn't find exactly what I'm wondering. What year ranges and models should I be looking for preferably new enough to have TPM sensors.
  5. Myles Cyncora

    Fuel Economy

    Hello everyone. I'm wondering what kind of fuel economy you guys are getting. I know these trucks aren't best in this area I just want to know if mine is getting the same as someone else or if something is wrong. 2008 Sport 4x4 4.0L auto 3.73s with as far as I know stock 255/70R16s. I filled up...
  6. Myles Cyncora

    Hello out there

    Hey everyone, I am a new owner to my first Ragner as of August 5th. I picked up a white 2008 Ford Ranger Sport with the 4.0L, automatic, 4x4 and 3.73 gears. Although that's where the options stop manual windows and locks but sliding rear window. To top it off it only has 67 000 KMS. I'm loving...

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