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  1. Spidey300

    AC Suddenly Stopped - Pressure/Fuses/Relays/Switches Fine

    Hi All, 98 2.5L 2WD XL w/ Auto Trans. On my way home from a camping trip last summer. The AC suddenly cut out and stopped blowing cold. I grabbed a recharge kit on the road but when I hooked it up it said the pressure was good and no charge was needed. I didn't mess with it at the time since it...
  2. Spidey300

    Brake/Turn light simultaneous

    98 XL 2.5L fleetside. Truck failed safety bc brake lights weren't working properly. Got home & realized that I had the wrong bulbs in the upper amber turn lamps. I had 2 filament 3157 instead of single filament 3156. Switched out and now I cant remember how they are supposed to properly...
  3. Spidey300

    2WD 2.5 Ranger from 14s to 15s

    Next time I need tires, I'd like to look at going up to 15" wheels since the 14s are getting so hard to find/expensive. My Ranger is a 98 2.5L 2WD standard cab long bed with auto trans and an open 7.5 4.10 axle. I currently have 205/75R14 (26") tires and was thinking of going to 225/70R15...
  4. Spidey300

    Seeking Advice for Easy Transmission Mods

    I have a '98 2.5L 2WD Ranger with automatic transmission and I believe that means I have a 4R44E. I've read that I can pretty easily upgrade by grabbing a transmission pan from a 4WD ranger from the scrap yard to get a deeper pan. Is this true and anyone done it? Do they make any with drain...
  5. Spidey300

    New here but longtime owner

    Hi All, I'm from St. Louis, MO and my '98 Ranger, who my wife and I have dubbed "Tanya", was my second vehicle and my ride since I started college ~17 years ago. Before that, my farmer Grandpa bought it new as his "town truck". It's a '98 regular cab long bed XL with 2.5L 4-cylinder SOHC and...

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