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    wheel specs 1989 2wd

    Hello Wheel and Tire forum. 1989 2WD 2.9L Super-cab 125" WB Wheel Size? I need a spare wheel for this old 89 I am fixing up. I just put on new tires. Stock size 215/70R-14, is what the door sticker says. I did not measure the wheel and I do not have a caliper to measure. I will make one if...

    Blinking OD dash light

    Hello transmission forums. I am new to TRS. Sold my 2019 cuz it was just sitting in the driveway. I work from home now due to Covid and the beautiful Red Pepper with Black Trim Pkg. became and expensive driveway ornament. So sold it and bought a couple old Rangers. A 99 2.5 Automatic, and an 89...

    Tailgate Hinge Insert Kit 1989

    Hello Body Forum, this is my first attempt asking for help and hope I am in the right forum. I have looked estensively on line for the tailgate hinge inserts. Auto part stores don't seem to have the right fit. Ebay and Amazon don't seem to have the right fit. I have measure my Ranger and have a...

    89 and 99 Ranger's

    Hello All, sold my beautiful 2019 Ranger XLT Red Pepper with Black Trim Package, started working from home and it was just sitting there, an expensive driveway ornament. Sold it to my neighbor, ever made a few bucks on it, decided to go used. I have Rangers in two states. The 99 Ranger 2.5L is...

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