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  1. planeflyer21

    Torsion Bar Delete?

    Thanks, Uncle! Man, Bossley has quite the build thread there! Looks great. Looks like I have some ponderations to consider.
  2. planeflyer21

    Torsion Bar Delete?

    What options are there for getting rid of the torsion bar suspension on the front of my '99 4x4 Ranger? Some years back I bought a coilover conversion kit (basically just the mounts for the coils and shocks). However, those shocks seem to have gone up quite a bit in this economy. After having...
  3. planeflyer21

    TRS Word Association Game

    Hearing aids
  4. planeflyer21

    TRS Word Association Game

  5. planeflyer21

    First Ford Ever

    That is farm-truckish. Nice! Welcome aboard.
  6. planeflyer21

    TRS Word Association Game

    T-top Trans Am
  7. planeflyer21

    1999 Ranger missing SO many 4x4 parts? Help UPDATED

    I went through the hassle of replacing the vacuum hubs once. The new ones stopped working after only a few months. After reading through all the pages on the links provided to you by RonD, I opted to go with the later live-axle setup. Not too difficult. Now I have 4 wheel drive when I engage...
  8. planeflyer21

    Home depot- ryobi 4ah battery 2 pack + free tool 100$

    I stumbled upon this same package deal last year. The regular price for ONE 4ah battery was $99. Looked around the store for a bit in bewilderment. Well, can't pass this up. The only thing that really sucks the juice out of them IME is the anglegrinder.
  9. planeflyer21

    ‘94 4x4 Swap/Build thread

    Looks good to me! (y)
  10. planeflyer21

    Tree guys, Arborists and Riggers… I have questions …

    Accidental artillery helps make life worth remembering.
  11. planeflyer21

    2nd Fuel Tank

    Tell me about it! My pre-Ranger truck was a 1976 K10. 10mpg everywhere. Then $4/gallon gas hit AZ. Got my Ranger and it paid for itself in gas savings in like 4 months.
  12. planeflyer21

    2nd Fuel Tank

    I've noticed that. I would think it shouldn't be too hard to adapt a selector valve and switch.
  13. planeflyer21

    2nd Fuel Tank

    Thanks, Ron. That's a big help. Should be relocating soon to out of an emissions straddled county. Working on the Superlift install now, with the materials set aside for a custom flatbed. Sgt, already counting on the custom part. Thanks again, guys!
  14. planeflyer21

    2nd Fuel Tank

    Howdy everyone. Not sure where to post this. Mods, please move it if there's a better spot. I'm considering putting a 2nd fuel tank on my 1999 Ranger supercab. Somehow I got it in my head that a '85+ Bronco II fuel tank will fit between the frame, where the factory spare tire carrier used to...
  15. planeflyer21

    Rear Window Options

    I've not had any issues with my side popout window I just never use them. They aren't practical. You can't use them as a pass through. Dog can't stick their nose out even.
  16. planeflyer21

    M5ODR2 Bolt Pattern

    Howdy everyone. I've searched and can't find an answer to this exact question: Will a M5ODR2 from a '95 5.0 Bronco/F150 bolt up to a 4.0 from a '99 Ranger? Thanks!
  17. planeflyer21

    This Was Fun

    These commercials start in 1959. My first (reliable) vehicle was a '59 F100, 292 with 3 on the tree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBQIyPj3zlk
  18. planeflyer21

    Boxing In The Frame

    Has anyone fully boxed in their Ranger frame? If so what are the advantages and disadvantages? Thanks! Jon
  19. planeflyer21

    Ranger GT Inspiration?

    I've never heard of this special production (aftermarket) Mustang, the Mustero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l5LTnPHNXY
  20. planeflyer21

    Width vs Height

    I'm not sure if anyone would have an answer or not but... If the rule of thumb says a lifted Ranger 4x4 can handle a 33x12.5 as the largest tire, if you go with a more narrow tire, can you increase the diameter/height of the tire? To an extent? Thanks!

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