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  1. Car/truck insurance?

    GEICO gave me great rates for years and then hit me with a big increase. I called them and they couldn't give me any reasons or even want to discuss it. Once I called to cancel, then they suddenly said they could help me out. Nope, too late. Go screw. Now, they keep reaching out trying to...
  2. Ranger in Spring Hill florida

    What color? I'll keep an eye out for it.
  3. Nissan Frontier Pro-4X

    The Frontiers are solid. Until the current refresh, it didn't change seemingly forever. Every damn auto parts store near me uses them for part delivery vehicles. I really like what they did with the new one. I test-drove one at the dealer when I was getting my truck serviced. If the...
  4. Car/truck insurance?

    I am in FL which has insane insurance prices. Travellers gave me the best rate. I've had Progressive, Safeco (Liberty Mutual), 21st Century, Farmers, and Geico over the last few decades. USAA quotes me absolutely insane rates, double everyone else's rates and they can't tell me why.
  5. Welcome Ram Mounts to the forum...

    I had a RAM laptop mount in an E150 work van years ago, a quality product for sure.
  6. Anyone have a 22 mag?

    Very nice. I like the vintage pieces too.
  7. ever buy tools that you will probably never need?

    I am probably going to own all of the tools in the entire Milwaukee M18 ecosystem whether I need them or not. I currently have the drill, impact driver, Sawzall, angle grinder, and leaf blower.
  8. 4.7L swap

    Yep, the 4.7 is a POS. Had to unload the boy's Durango last year due to low oil pressure.
  9. External Hard drive disappears

    This. I once got a new controller by finding another of the same exact identical drive used on ebay and taking a chance the controller was good. It was, and I was able to get the data off the drive.
  10. External Hard drive disappears

    Some of those older MyBook units are flaky. But, they have standard drives in them. You should be able to just crack the thing open and put the drive in another external USB enclosure. But, I believe WD may do some kind of encryption or a proprietary format. So, you may not be able to access...
  11. Realistic expectations at 100 yards with a .22lr?

    I was told by a gunsmith that they stopped making the 10/22 mag version because parts kept breaking. I would still love to have one. My little 10/22 is one of my favorite guns. It's an older model so it still has the metal trigger group instead of the plastic crap they sell now. I have a...
  12. Realistic expectations at 100 yards with a .22lr?

    I can't do any better than 3" groups at 100yd with my scoped Ruger 10/22.
  13. used vehicle inflation

    It's crazy here in FL. Dealer offered me almost $10K more than I paid for my truck.
  14. Anybody use security cameras in/on their house?

    I've run Nest for five years. Two cameras out front plus their doorbell camera. I have one out back on the lanai. I plan to add two more for the sides of the house.
  15. Brothers getting married tomorrow and I'm buying a house

    You're right about that. My buddy's MIL put her house up for sale and had fifteen showings in two days then got like five offers over asking price. I got some family moving down here sometime in the next year and I am sure it's gonna be tough for them to find a place to buy. Houses in my...
  16. 100% gas vs. Gas with ethanol

    I live in FL. There's E0 all over the place. It's 89 or 90 octane. I run it in all my power equipment, both two and four stroke. My Ariens zero-turn has a supposedly ethanol-tolerant Kohler engine. I still buy the E0. I can get it at Wawa or the Circle-K Shell station that's a little...
  17. [ resolved, no scam, just "oem" parts quality issues ].. "Rock Auto Scam" ?

    They're the same here. O'Reilly has been my go-to since they opened up.
  18. Rangers in your family?

    I forgot that we had a 1978 Bronco "Ranger" trim when I was a wee lad.
  19. Rangers in your family?

    My best friend bought a 1989 Ranger 2wd XLT with a 2.9. He put like 150k on it and then did a Jasper engine. He sold it to my father with like 170k on it. My father drove it for five years and traded it for a Tundra. I bought my 1997 XLT 4.0 4x4 Supercab in 1999. The frame was rotting out...
  20. Ammo prices?

    I bought two boxes of ammo with my Sig .45 - one box of range ammo and one box of defense ammo. It cost me $200, $1/round. I blew through the range ammo just to get acquainted. I'll get more when I find some better pricing.

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