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  1. 01 & 02 Off Roads

    We've had the 01 for my son for awhile now and it's been decent, now we managed to pick up an 02 for my daughter. Both are mechanically sound and good daily drivers, just the bodies aren't perfect. They are awesome 20 footers and both have 4.10 LS, 4.0 auto, lifted 3 inches. We've already fixed...
  2. 2001 Ranger Indicator Bulb Size?

    I've searched here as well as around the net and keep getting conflicting information. Can someone here please tell me what size bulb fits the overdrive indicator, cruise indicator, etc? I know the illumination bulbs are basic 194s, but cant seem to get a solid answer on the indicator bulbs...
  3. Flashing Check Engine light

    Truck ran decent (surprisingly), but had a slew of DTCs. Cleared codes with Forscan, drove a bit until a code returned, found PCM codes (sorry forgot to write them down) for low fuel pressure, misfire #3, and EGR. Fuel filter was plugged, don't think it had ever been changed. Found three...
  4. Rain Leak Door Seal

    Our 2001 extended cab has a minor rain leak issue at the top of both front doors when we get a monsoon. I searched for weather stripping replacements, but the results were more confusing than anything else. Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction? Weather strip shouldn't be very...
  5. Noisy Pinion Bearing, 01 8.8 Replacement

    So I am replacing all the bearings in our 8.8 due to a noisy pinion bearing. Just curious what the odds are that I can go back with the original shims and still be in spec. Crap shoot? I do have a full install kit as well as correct tools. I even have in temp bearings ground to slip fit, just...
  6. For Sale Ford part, but not Ranger - F250 steering arm

    Rough Country drop steering arm for 2015 era F250, 4" lift and up, new. $25 if you happen to be local to 32968 by some miracle, or $35 shipped.
  7. 01 Ranger Horn Inop

    Horn inop at wheel, but works with the panic button on the fob. Anything to look for outside of the typical horn pad, clockspring, etc?
  8. Noob Here, Kinda

    Revisiting Rangers , bought an 84 new and a Bronco II new in 88. Had a couple of Exploders too. Picked up a halfway decent 01 4.0 4x4 for my son's first vehicle, and here we are. Have built many, many Ford trucks over the past few decades, 73-79 being my favorites. We currently have a yard full...

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