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  1. Ranger boggs down when first started

    my truck has a 4.0 its a 94 and it bogs down when I first start it then picks back up and runs fins drives fine idles fine everything is fine but that initial bog down is really weird and sometimes it dies I just changed my tps, crank sensor and fuel filter then it started doing this is it a...
  2. Coolant overflow resevoir

    This is the one I need
  3. Coolant overflow resevoir

    I have a 94 im looking to replace the coolant resevoir as I'm doing the whole system I have the long skinny one that goes along the side of the air cleaner and I can't find it anywhere the only ones I'm seeing are the square one where the air cleaner is in the front passenger side of the engine...
  4. 2.3L ('83-'97) O2 sensor ( i have a 4.0 but shouldnt matter)

    So I have both of my plugs but previous owner removed the wires from the engine bay to the o2 sensors and I can't seem to find them anywhere I was wondering if I could cut the wires on the o2 sensor and plug the plug side into the plug in the engine bay and then put the o2 sensor in then just...
  5. Ticking

    Turns out to be the lifter or rocker or valve not sure yet but my question now is can I get away with just rebuilding the heads or do have to do the whole motor I am on a very tight budget so just the heads would be ideal
  6. Ticking

    I have a 94 4.0 sohc and I have a tick, but only over probably 20mph and at constant speed when I take my foot off the gas and slow down and when I accelerate the ticking stops no tick at idle either its super super weird and having clue where to start
  7. Oxygen sensors

    I have a 94 ranger xlt with a 4.0 previous owner removed the o2 sensors and plugged them and removed the wiring for them I need to get them back in because the truck is running rich but I obviously have to run new wiring so if anyone has a wiring diagram or has done this before etc help would be...

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