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  1. Boingo

    1986 Ranger A/C condenser option ?

    No one seems to make an original condenser anymore. If someone knows of a place it would be much appreciated. I know there are universal condensers that can be bought, but how are people connecting them to to these ford spring fittings ? Do they make fittings ? Bottom line, i need a...
  2. Boingo

    Bad Cam and/or lifters ?

    SO, I'll give all the details. You decide what is relevant. My guess is a bad cam lobes and/or lifters. 1986 Ford Ranger 2.9 xlt auto 2wd. The motor was rebuilt by a very reliable guy we know. It was a family member's truck, then i got it years later. It sat in this truck for 5 years without...
  3. Boingo

    86 ranger won't start with new relay

    Welp. I didnt want to bug the Ranger forum minds, but I am stumped. I have a 1986 ranger extended cab xlt with a 2.9. Towed it from the desert where it sat since 99 lol. Pretty much entirely new now. I didn't feel I was wasting money because I have no plans on getting rid of it. It has a rebuilt...
  4. Boingo

    what is the Exhaust Heat Control (heat riser)

    I recently got a hold of this 1986 Ranger xlt 2wd with a 2.9. Already had a fresh engine and tranny. Everything is pretty much new in the last month from the fuel pumps, regulator, iac, egr, sensors, ecm, new distributor, and all inbetween. It's been sitting in a desert climate since 99. I...
  5. Boingo

    I see you, hello

    Just popping on to say hello. I have a 1986 ford ranger xlt 2wd with the fun 2.9. :yahoo:

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