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  1. Martinnyc

    Few pics of my old fullsize dodge romping trough lake parkinglot

    At my old job, my old truck (just found the pics today, figured i'd share. Our parking lot had some drainage issues, and would get about 3 foot deep towards the middle. During lunch we would race toy boats out there. One morning i was comming into work and spotted a buddy of mine snapping...
  2. Martinnyc

    here we see the ranger in it's natural habitat.

    went up to my cabin for the weekend, and just couldnt help snapping some pictures on the dirt roads, the ranger looks so at home on them. and a night shot, with the new lights going, just for good measure... did do some light wheeling, but it was dark, raining, and i wasn't supposed to...
  3. Martinnyc

    woohoo for indecision

    I just got a letter today telling me that i got into college. On one hand, I'm happy. I'm 21 and finally got my ass in gear and am going to college. On the other hand, I wasnt quite expecting to get in this quick, seeing as I applied for spring of 08, meanwhile they accepted me for fall of 07...

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