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  1. JohnnyU

    JohnnyU's Crawler-Hauler "Build" Thread

    Well, I guess I might as well start a thread for this, even though the tow rig itself isn't new (been towing with it for 4 years). When I first bought it, it was more of a sporty truck than a working truck. I added a toolbox, triple pillar gauges (trans temp, boost pressure, and pyrometer), OEM...
  2. JohnnyU


    You have a C&C axle from the sounds of it. If that's the case, you can swaw regular SRW hubs directly onto this axle without changing anything but the brakes. http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/14b_bible/index.html :rolleyes:
  3. JohnnyU

    Chattanooga, TN

    I'll be in Chattanooga, TN October 5-7 on business. Obviously, we'll only be occupied until mid evening with meetings and dinner, so what kinds of things are there to do at night? I need to do some research to see what kinds of things there are in Chattanooga, but I was looking for some...
  4. JohnnyU

    Rock & Utility Light Tech

    Granted nighttime wheeling has become less frequent, but rocklights are an increasing concern, as it seems like utility and area lighting is always useful to have anywhere. Please discuss (politely and itelligently) different styles of rock lights/utility lights that you have used or have...
  5. JohnnyU

    August 13-15 Badlands

    Heading back to the Badlands in Attica on Aug 13-15.
  6. JohnnyU

    April 9-11, 2010 Badlands

    The ERO crew is heading back to the badlands in Attica, Indiana the weekend of April 9th-11th, 2010. Anyone is welcome, just make sure you have adequate recovery points and equipment. www.badlandsoffroad.com
  7. JohnnyU

    warn 37780 lockout hubs...

    Ford Driveshaft Quick Disconnect:
  8. JohnnyU

    flipping axle tubes?(chevy d44)

    I don't really think it's worth the effort since it will still be a low pinion axle. There are two ways to do it, the right way, and the not as right way. The correct method would be to cut the inner C's off the tubes, then cut the tubes and press them out of the housing. Press the long...
  9. JohnnyU

    best front end d60 swap for a 84 BII

    Any Dana 60 is going to be an improvement over what's in there now, or a Dana 44. I like the 78-91.5 were all kingpin axles, which are superior in my opinion to their later ball joint counterparts. 78-79 axles had a longer tube on the driver side, meaning that the differential will be more...
  10. JohnnyU

    JJJ Memorial Mud Bog in Manito, IL

    Well, we're getting ready to do it again. Levi is going to put on his annual JJJ Memorial Mud Bog in Manito, IL on the weekend of July 11th. It is similar to the rest of our events held out there. We have open FREE camping on Friday and Saturday nights, and trucks run all day Saturday. Run what...
  11. JohnnyU

    Halloween Run 2009

    Halloween Run 2009 - Badlands - 10/30/09-11/1/09 Who's up for a Halloween Trail Ride this year? With talk of past TRS events in this thread, I think it's time to organize another low-key wheeling event. Unlike some past runs, I won't make this invitation only or experienced drivers only...
  12. JohnnyU

    heavy duty dodge front axle ?

    The AAM9.25 (2003+) does not have CAD.
  13. JohnnyU

    2002 F350 dana 60 question???

    5.13's are only $280 from Randy's, that wouldn't keep me from buying it. They do use smaller unitized wheel bearings and crappy balljoints, but under the weight of a Ranger (especially compared to the F350) it shouldn't be that much of a problem. For $200, I'd probably buy it. I bought my...
  14. JohnnyU

    dana 30

    This has been covered in depth multiple times. Please sure the Tech Library, Forum Announcements, and Search Feature for further information.
  15. JohnnyU

    Mud Bog - March 22 Elmwood, IL

    White Trash Wheelin is having another Mud Bog Sunday March 22, 2009 http://www.whitetrashwheelin.com/index.html Diving Directions
  16. JohnnyU

    78 f250 axles

    If you can't identify whether or not the axle has King pins or ball joints, then measure the hubs. 60's have Ø4" hubs, while the 44's are much smaller.
  17. JohnnyU

    DANA 44 SAS Swap questions

    Did you read the Announcement at the top of this forum? Read ME First!
  18. JohnnyU

    axle suggestions

    Any reason inparticular that you want an electronic engine?
  19. JohnnyU

    Let's see your Welders

    I want to see what everyone is using for welders, and some of the specs for your particular set-up. Basically, I want to sticky this as a "Welder Selection Guide". :icon_thumby:
  20. JohnnyU

    ok, i need to be educated

    Some people cant just answer a question without getting an attitude about it. The Tech Library is a GREAT place to start your research whether it be for axles, engines, transmissions, bumpers, etc. :icon_thumby:

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