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  1. donaldcon

    For Sale 1992 explorer 2dr -ohio

    Located in lancaster ohio Find my Facebook ad here with pictures. Cant get them to upload here. Price there says firm. But if you respond her I may work with you https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/748611179339969/ 91 explorer 2 door 4.0 4x4 North Carolina truck. Very very little rust...
  2. donaldcon

    2019 black diamond adventure

    First video of a few that will be coming from our week long adventure across wv last year. Warning foul language Quick recap. We started doing 4 to 7 day adventures back in 2017. We travel roughly 1000 miles in our trail vehicles. No tow rigs, no support vehicles. Just us and what we...
  3. donaldcon

    1354/1354 doubler

    So I've been 3 years trying to find an existing doubler or the parts to build.one. Last jan by chance I found a prefab bed plate and shaft on here for sale and snatched it up. Nearly a year later I've finally started the install. I opted to use two 1354s instead of a 1350 for the front...
  4. donaldcon


    Yeah its a long shot but im looking for a doubler, doubler kit, or even just a doubler shaft for rbv Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  5. donaldcon

    Black diamond adventure 2018

    Each year my selfand a couple buddies do what we call an extreme overland trip. Last year we did virgina and west virgina. Ive share the vids alot so im sure youve all seen some of them. This year we are doing ky and tn. 800 to 1000 miles depending on where the trail takes us. We will be...
  6. donaldcon

    Taconeck adventure

    In april group of 3 of us embarked on an 800 mile trip. No tow rigs, no support vehicles, just 3 well used rust buckets from ohio. Stay tuned for more... https://youtu.be/ovf3dF5Z0W0 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  7. donaldcon

    Ranger tough truck racer

    My cousin has ran this ugly pile for 5 years at tough truck events around ohio. I have also been running for 5 years but this season (2010) I didnt have a vehicle to run. Last year he built a Jeep and I got this for next to nothing. Was once an 88 Ranger 2wd 2.3 5 speed After I ran it at 5...
  8. donaldcon

    4r55e leaking fluid from the rear

    I got a bad leak comming from between the trans and the tcase. I pulled the case and the adapter from the trans. How in the world do I get the output shaft out so I can get in there and replace the seal? Does this whole trans need torn down?
  9. donaldcon

    fluid between trans and tcase

    So I pulle dmy tcase and the back of the 4r55e trans was full of fluid, I am assuming this isnt supposed to be like that? I also assume tha tmeans my rear seal is bad, whats involved in changing it?
  10. donaldcon

    Windsheild trim clips

    Anyone know where I can get the little metal clips that hold the windshield trim on?
  11. donaldcon

    2.3 turbo diesel 4x4 rangers

    Who knows anything about the 2.3 turbo diesels? My bro is picking one up, need to know what to look for.
  12. donaldcon

    leaf spring differances

    Here is the deal. I have a 94 excab short bed 4x4 (125"wb) The main leaf on the drivers side is broken. I didnt notice this until the otherday, the dude i got it from was a lying no good... (I'll leave the rest for your imagination) He has the leaf welded together and welded to the second leaf...

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