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  1. Dsetz

    Aquarium Enthusiasts

    Hey all, Any of you into aquariums? I've had one going most of my life. My latest venture is in natural planted tanks. The 'Walstad' method is a biologically whole approach in which aeration and lighting is the only mechanical input. Filtration and nutrient balancing are accomplished via...
  2. Dsetz

    Cats are evil.

    It never ends. Moved into this place almost 10 years ago. The crazy cat lady next door left her basement open and would dump food for the strays everyday. She liked to see the kitties. The cats were a huge nuisance. I've got a big lot they think of as king litter box. I had gardens fail, as the...
  3. Dsetz

    67 Massey Ferguson 10 GT

    Hey all, here goes my first baby build thread. Cleo the Ranger will have to wait until I'm in better health. Economically :p I picked up this MF garden tractor in 2013, just after going back to college. I noticed a garden tractor junkyard, after chatting with the guy about which was my best...
  4. Dsetz

    2.8 Forged Pistons

    Forged pistons for the 2.8, under $300!!! https://www.shop-fordv6.de/product_info.php?language=en&info=p78_forged-pistons-2-8-turbo---supercharged.html
  5. Dsetz

    Dual front Sway Bars- Discussion/Conversation

    Hey all! I've got an 84 Ranger 4x4 with the front sway mounted behind the axle. I've been looking at my 94 X Sway, which is mounted in front of the Axle. It appears I could add the in-front-of-axle sway to the Ranger without much modification/fabrication. So, I'd like a discussion centered...
  6. Dsetz

    Meet and Greet with Cleo

    Hi all, I wanted to introduce you all to myself, Durc, and the new-to-me truck, whom the DMV dubbed Cleo. (Works, she joins Betty the 09 prius, Ethel the 00 Regal and Greta the 06 F250.) Truck background-- I went to an auction to buy a backup work truck, was eyeing a 68 C10. When I got there...
  7. Dsetz

    Discussion- 2.8 with 3.8 FI and SC12/14 Supercharger

    Greetings all, I would appreciate a discussion about the idea of utilizing an oversized throttle body with associated computer system, tied to a supercharger. Essentially the computer/sensors believes it is X size larger (than the motor its on) and you supply the extra displacement by way of...

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