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  1. PacoTaco1000

    Meet my 88’ project Bronco

    Last October, I was looking for my first vehicle and found this 88’ B2 for sale in Spokane, Washington on Facebook marketplace. My father taught me how to drive stick in his 88’ B2 That he bought a couple years ago to teach me and my siblings and I was looking for one of my own since hisgot me...
  2. PacoTaco1000

    88 bronco II 6-speed Transmission swap

    I’ve been looking around trying to find anything on a transmission swap for a Bronco II and haven’t found anything. Has anyone done a 6-speed in a little b2? I’m currently running my stock FM145 5-speed on my freshly rebuilt 2.9l. I plan on swapping to the 4.0l after my motor goes and saw that...
  3. PacoTaco1000

    2021 Bronco Vs 1988 B2

    The other day I noticed this was at my local dealership, decided to snap these photos quick. That is my ‘88 B2 that I rebuilt, stock 2.9l. Figured you guys would appreciate this little comparison
  4. PacoTaco1000

    Rebuilt motor running rich

    This winter my father and I rebuilt my 2.9l for my ‘88 that I bought in October. We finally have everything in place and have it broken in but, It’s running rich at idle, and when you create a vacuum leak it starts to level out but only when warm. So far we’ve got a new MAP sensor, temp...

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