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  1. Elutheros

    HomeLink for your older Ranger

    Here's an easy upgrade to your Ranger. I got tired of getting our of the truck to open the garage door and didn't want to leave an electronic opener laying somewhere in y not so secure truck. Go to your local junkyard and find an Explorer (or many other vehicles) that has the Homelink built into...
  2. Elutheros

    Interesting Diesel Ranger

  3. Elutheros

    Gas Mileage 5.0

    I'm frustrated with MPG! I was getting near 16 with the A9L ECM (5.0/GT40P heads/Explorer Intake/3.73 gears/31" tires/M5ODR2 trans/EDIS ignition/no A/C) Only change was to install MegaSquirt MSPNP2 ECM. My tune looks good on all the plots and it runs great except for some stumbling at less than...
  4. Elutheros

    Recommendations on Transmission Rebuilders

    Well, my M5R2 is whining for a replacement. That's the drain plug for the transmission and the fluid looks like metallic paint. I'm looking for a rebuilt/remanufactured replacement. I decided not to go the junkyard route as everything is high mileage already. What companies out there can you...
  5. Elutheros

    Antifreeze leak passenger side 5.0

    Just started to leak recently. Water pump is 37k old. Leak appears to be front of engine above crank position sensor. Really hard to see down in there. Lots of people say it could be the timing chain cover. Any advice. Trying to avoid putting some stop leak stuff in this engine since it only has...
  6. Elutheros

    Things you learn by not doing the right thing the first time

    1. If you are putting Explorer heads on your 5.0 replace the valve springs before you install the engine. That fluttering RPM above 2800 is going to really annoy you. Alex's Parts are competitive and mad in the USA. 2. Buy the NAPA valve spring compressor tool #7769094 for $9 you can't go...
  7. Elutheros

    Wanted 1988-1992 Blower Motor Housing

    I need a NON-A/C blower motor housing for a 1988-1992 Ranger. PM me if you have one.
  8. Elutheros

    For Sale SOLD

    A pair of good GT40P heads for sale. I saved you the 6+ hours in the 95 degree heat removing them. Yours for $250 OBO. Local pickup only in Central Texas. Will post some pics tomorrow.
  9. Elutheros

    Opinions on my spark plugs

    How do these look to you? I've been leaning out the cruise mixture so the AFR is running 14.9-15.4 at cruising speed. They look a little lean to me. I'm using a MegaSquirt MSPNP Gen 2 ECM and TunerStudio to tune it.
  10. Elutheros

    Code 41 System Lean, Fuel Control 4.0 OHV

    It's a 1991 Ranger with the 4.0 OHV. Before I started the recent maintenance it had the same code. Because it had zero compression on #4 I got new heads(the previous remanufactured heads were a mess), all new intake gaskets, new pushrods and rockers and de-coked the intakes, rebuilt the...
  11. Elutheros

    Bronco II on FB marketplace

  12. Elutheros

    4.0 OHV #4 cylinder low compression

    My 1991 Ranger with 4.0 OHV 4x4 has a rough idle and very low compression on #4 cylinder. Put oil in cylinder and compression was the same. Rotated the crank to measure movement on the exhaust valve and it compares to other cylinders. The rocker arm had a 2mm depression worn in it so I replaced...
  13. Elutheros

    1991 4x4 Ranger 4.0

    Classic 1991 Ranger 4x4 with 4.0 V6, 5 speed manual transmission, manual front hubs, electric transfer case, 3.73 gears, TractionLok rear axle. New paint, custom bumpers, new clutch kit, new timing chain and camshaft gear, new water pump, dual core radiator. NO rust Texas truck. Asking $3200...
  14. Elutheros

    Arghhhhh! Sheared off lower front shock mount 1992 Ranger

    My mighty electric impact wrench sheared that mount off with only a few threads left. What can I do to remedy this mess?
  15. Elutheros

    SOLD A9L computer for sale

    A9L Mustang ECU for sale. Fully functional. I just bought an aftermarket ECU to replace it so I could use EDIS ignition. $110.00
  16. Elutheros

    MegaSquirt PNP2

    I took the plunge and bought the MSPNP2 and a wide band O2 sensor for my 5.0. I was pleased that it started on the first try after swapping the ECU and once I calibrated the sensors using Tuning Studio it idles. Next step is to install the wide band and calibrate it to get some more accurate...
  17. Elutheros

    NP 205 Speedometer worm gear

    My speedo quit and I'm trying to diagnose the problem. Replacing the speedometer cable had no effect, so I pulled the VSS out of the T/c and found that the worm gear will spin using my finger through the hole for the VSS. Seems like that should not happen. Anybody ever encounter this?
  18. Elutheros

    Clutch and transmission fun

    A couple weeks ago the 1/2 shift fork in my M5ODR2 failed and I loss those gears at a very inopportune moment on a steep uphill 90 degree turn. A quick shift to 3rd and smoking the clutch got her over the top and home. I diagnosed it, bought new shift forks and installed them and then it would...
  19. Elutheros

    1991 Ranger 4x4 project

    Picked up this Ranger as a project for my grandson and eventually to be his first vehicle. Has a 4.0 with zero compression on all cylinders--I'm hoping a new cam gear will fix the problem. Someone did a decent job fabbing the bumpers and a lousy job spraying the tan paint. Couldn't pass it up...
  20. Elutheros

    EDIS with crank and cam sensor from Explorer

    I have the Explorer FEAD, crank sensor, cam sensor, coil packs and the EDIS 8 from a Lincoln and want to install it on my 5.0 to eliminate the distributor. Anyone out there done this? I realize it will require something like a Quarterhorse and some parameter changes on my A9L ECU. I've been...

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