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  1. For Sale 1992 Tan Cloth Explorer Seats, Dash, Door Panel, Misc Interior

    Tan Interior parts from a 1992 Explorer with cloth seats. Everything is in very good condition. front and rear seats front and rear door panels dash assembly sun visors rear carpet rear vinyl storage cover Pick up near Pinehurst, NC. $300
  2. OHV Valve Cover Replacement

    My 1991 has leaky valve covers and I'd like to replace them. All the kits I see come with the upper intake gasket as well. So my question is do you HAVE to remove the intake to do the valve covers? Seems like a lot of work to replace something so simple. If so, makes me really appreciate the...
  3. Are Explorer Seats a Direct Swap into a Bronco II

    Looks like the rear seats are shaped different, but can they be used without additional modifications? If modifications are needed, what has to be done. Thanks
  4. For Sale NC: 1992 Explorer Gas Tank $50

    I have a complete gas tank assembly out of a 1992 explorer. Everything is included, pump, straps, skid plats, tank and some heat shielding. $50 Located near Pinehurst NC
  5. 4.0 OHV Crankshaft Pulley / Balancer Removal

    I took off the center bolt and looks like you need to use a puller to get it off. I've seen a few different kinds of pullers and wanted to see what you guys recommend using.
  6. Where to Buy Dual Stick Shifter Boot

    I'm looking to swap a M5OD and 1354M into my Bronco II. Right now it has the manual transfer case but has the auto transmission. The explorer I pulled the transmission from had a push button 4WD, so it only has the single boot. Any clue where you can buy the dual stick boot and related parts...
  7. For Sale 1992 4.0 V6

    I had picked up a 1992 Explorer to do the 4.0 swap into my 84 Bronco II, but decided to just stick with the 2.8 carb setup. The motor is pretty much as complete as you can get with radiator, hoses, fan. It has the front accessories with belt and exhaust manifolds all the way to the y pipe and...
  8. Duraspark Choke Setup

    I'm looking to do a duraspark setup on my Bronco II. I found a NOS 1.08 2150 Motorcraft carb. The choke assembly has a place on the cover for a wire. Where does that wire come from? It also has a place on the bottom side that something is supposed to hook to it. It has a male/male connector...
  9. No Start

    Truck is a 1990 Bronco II with a 1991 Explorer 4.0 installed. It has a new positive battery cable installed as well as a new solenoid in the engine compartment next to the battery. I'm getting one loud clang type sound when I turn the key to the start position, but it won't turn over. What...
  10. 2.8 to 4.0 Motor Mounts

    I see so many of these swaps but they all seem to be going from a 2.9 to the 4.0. I have a 84 that I'm considering this swap into. I know the 4.0 goes right onto the 2.9 mounts with no modification necessary. Does the 2.8 to 4.0 need any modifications made? If so does anybody have pictures...
  11. A Couple Starting Issues

    1984 Bronco II with a duraspark conversion. I just installed this 2.8L motor and also swaped out the C5 for the M5OD. After wiring in the new starter as asdm08 recommended, I was able to get the truck to turn over. Now for some reason when I turn the key to start, I'm only getting a clicking...
  12. M5OD Swap Starter Question

    On my 84 I have a solinoid mounted on the fender and then just one wire that ran down to the starter. When I swapped in the M5OD trans with matching starter it has the big thick wire and then a spade connector. Right now I have the fender mounted solinoid hooked up and then just the big wire...
  13. Problem Installing Transmission

    Truck is a 84. I'm installing a 4.0 M5OD trans with my 1350 t-case attached to my 2.8L. I thought this would have been cake since I'm using a transmission jack and not trying to bench press it into place. My clutch alignment tool fully inserts but when I try and get the transmission to sit...
  14. M5OD Clutch Alignment Tool

    I am trying to find out where you can buy just the alignment tool and not have to buy the whole clutch assembly. Does anybody have a link they can share as to where I can purchase one or have one to possibly sell? Thanks
  15. M5OD Sloppy Shifter

    I don't think I have ever felt so much extra play in a shifter assembly before. I can literally wiggle it around a good few inches with it in any gear. Do they sell a kit or anything to make things tight again? If so, can somebody recommend a place to get it all at?
  16. Steering Shaft

    My 1990 Bronco II has a ton of play in the steering wheel. I notice when I turn the wheel and look under the hood, that it turns the shaft quite a bit before it actually starts to turn the wheel. Do the shafts wear out on these or is the problem in the gearbox itself?
  17. Clutch Master Cylinder Bracket

    I just picked up a M5OD swap out of a 1991 Explorer to swap into my 1984 Bronco II. What I failed to grab was the mounting bracket for the clutch master cylinder. Am I stuck trying to find that bracket from another explorer or did Ford use the same bracket on the rangers and bronco II? If so...
  18. Is there a gasket between the transmission and Transfer Case?

    I am swapping out the C5 in my 84 Bronco II for a M5OD out of a 1991 Explorer. When we took the transmission out of the explorer and went to seperate the transmission from the transfer case it was sealed together with RTV. It is obviously not a part of the transmission that is exposed to the...
  19. 4 Way Flat Trailer Wiring

    I have a 1990 Bronco II that I plan to use to tow my other car on a dolly. The dolly has a 4 way flat plug and I picked up the other side of the harness to wire into the truck. Can sombody tell me which wires I need to tap into to make the lights function as they should? I appreciate the...
  20. Speedo Cable

    The truck is a 84 Bronco II, 2.8, C5 and 1350 manual T case. I'm installing a set of autometer guages including the speedo. I bought an adapter that replaces the factory speedo gear assembly in the transfer case in order to get the correct signal for the autometer guage. I can't seem to...

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