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  1. Sworn

    Need advice! Picking up/Driving 5.0 Stang W/Bad water pump!

    Hey guy's I need some quick advice......I'm probably going to pick up an 89 5.0 LX tomorrow. I'm getting it for a very good price. The only thing is that it needs a water pump. It's also about 35 miles away from my house highway driving.....The owner advises me that it does drip but he thinks I...
  2. Sworn

    Truck seems to "Bounce" with torsion keys...

    I just had torsion keys installed in the front of my Ranger in conjunction with two inch blocks in the rear. I love the added height , but the front end seems to "bounce " when I hit bumps. Is this common with torsion keys? I also have the stock tires on right now. I plan on adding a set of BFG...
  3. Sworn

    How wide/ 08 Y-spokes Rims....

    How wide of a tire tire can I fit on my 08 Y-spokes? I'm also getting my torsion keys installed along with 2" blocks for the rear springs next week. From what I've read I should be able to run 33's with this set up, does that sound right? Thanks!
  4. Sworn

    Under Tonneau tool box?

    Eventually I would like to get a tool box for my Ranger. I would, however, like one that sits UNDER the tonneau. Does anyone have one and if so what was the cost? Pics would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Sworn

    Who makes a Baja style bar for Ranger?

    I would like to put a Baja style bar on my new Fx4. Do you guys know who makes one for the Ranger. I have only seen them for F150's and such....Thnx
  6. Sworn

    Cowl or ram air hood for 06-08

    Anybody make 'em?
  7. Sworn

    K&N Air Intake Kit for 07/08

    Does anyone have the K&N FIPK on a 06/07/08 4.0 V6. I would like to put one on my new 08 and wasn't sure if tit would set any codes. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thnx
  8. Sworn

    Rhino liner, how much$$$

    As a generalization how much $$$ to rhino line a six foot bed?
  9. Sworn

    Pulled the trigger, New 08 FX4 Owner!

    Couldn't resist! I'm the proud owner of a brand new 08 Oxford White FX4! It has the Pioneer 290W sound package and leather interior. Very nice truck! I will try and get some pics up tomorrow (It's in the 40's and has been raining all day.) :icon_hornsup:
  10. Sworn

    ...going to look at an 08 FX4 tomorrow.

    A somewhat local dealership has thee of 'em. With the incentives I'm curious as to what they will let them go for. They all have a sticker of about $26,500.
  11. Sworn

    06/07 FX4 Ranger owners.....

    As I mentioned in another thread, I'm considering an 06/07 FX4 Ranger as my next purchase. Anyone on the board that has one, what do you like/dislike about it.(Anything you feel is noteworthy.) Thanks.
  12. Sworn

    What size tires 06/07 FX4 with leveling kit?

    I am giving some very strong consideration to the 06/07 Fx4 Ranger as my next purchase. With a leveling kit for the front what would be the largest tires you could fit on the truck? Thanks!
  13. Sworn

    FX4 and Fx4 Level2....

    What's the difference. Thanks!
  14. Sworn

    Pic of my 88 Ranger on 33's!

  15. Sworn

    88 Ranger 4x4, 9 or 10 inch rear drum brakes?

    It's going to be time for me to do the rear brakes on my 88 Ranger. Does anyone know off hand if 1988 had the 9 or 10 inch rear drums? BTW it's a 4X4. Thanks in advance.
  16. Sworn

    Truck running rough and exhaust note changed, where to look?

    I could really use some help as my truck has started to run rough. I recently had the exhaust system replaced as most of it was rusted out. (The truck is twenty years old and from the Midwest rust belt.) I put on a new cat converter with a Flowmaster muffler. The truck ran and sounded great. I...
  17. Sworn

    What's the best way to find an exhaust leak?

    I have an exhaust leak coming from the front passenger side of my Ranger. What's the best way of finding out exactly where it''s coming from?

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