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  1. How to build a 4.0 OHV for power, some limits and tips...

    Will this MAF sensor run great on a 1995 4.0l? If not, can u link me the correct part? https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=10908120&cc=1438304&jsn=654
  2. Anyone tried running Non-ethanol gas?

    Here at Brazil we have ethanol mixed at premium and commom gasoline. The premium gas (96 octane) have 25%of ethanol and the commum gas (87 octane) have 27,5% of ethanol. We have pure ethanol (110 octane) too, from sugar cane, and have large use cause it's cheaper, but it does less mileage...
  3. How to build a 4.0 OHV for power, some limits and tips...

    For the later model 95-up OHV's using the larger SOHC maf which is 65mm in Diameter works great. Is it easy to find on ebay or amazon? How about the MAF sensor, does it have the same conector?
  4. rebuild 4.0 engine at Brazil

    Hello! I have to rebuild my engine, because the previously owners didn't changed the oil at the correct time, so, there was lot of grease at the upper part of the engine. The lower engine part is ok, the crankshaft dind't lost lubrification, neither the conecting rods, but i have to change a...
  5. Need help with o2 sensor

    hello. I have a 1995 v6 ranger, and the o2 sensor of the passenger side is not working anymore. are the two o2 sensors equal (under passenger and driver)? My original sensor (picture attached) isnt a perfect circle, so will it the ntk 22500 work on my truck?
  6. dome light without eletricity

    Hello, My firts post in here, and i'm from Brazil, so my english insn't the best. I hope this is the right place. I own a 1995 ranger single cab, and since I bought it, the door ajar advise was on at the panel, so the last owner removed the sound alarm that says the lamps are on, door's opened...

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