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  1. spark plug

    leaky Trans line/fitting

    I have a new radiator in My 91 explorer and had noticed that the transmission line/fitting was leaking on the top I re tightened it both the fitting and line but it still wants to seep I don't dare tighten it anymore don't wanna wreck the new radiator I put high tack on the lines and fittings...
  2. spark plug

    97 ranger splash starting issues

    My mom's ranger doesn't want to start with key but if you jump the terminals on the solonoid it starts is this an ignition wire on starter faulty or solonoid?
  3. spark plug

    No horn!

    97 ranger splash has been wrecked we have replaced steering column, resetc the srs light (clear code) new horns swapped relays and fuses still nothing plz help
  4. spark plug

    High idle

    I have the 4.0l ohv v6 I had a idle of 12-1500 rpm but I have sense replaced the vacuum modulator on the transmission and immediately after I started it and the idle dropped off at 8-900 rpm within a minute or so but now I have an idle of 980-1k rpm I have the evaporator box out but all vacuum...
  5. spark plug

    Howdy from sc!

    I'm a former ranger owner I had a 91 with the high rider 4x4 option the 2.9l backed by the a4ld now I own a 91 explorer 4wd Eddie Bauer fully equipped it's a resto-mod project however my mom has a 97 ranger splash that I will be posting questions about as well as my explorer

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