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  1. Rough running

    Hey Ramcharger 90, I saw u had a setup similar to mine. I have 89 mustang engine all stock sensors, intake, Maf and TB and injectors. I swapped to Edel performer rpm heads and Trick Flow stage one cam. Idle is very rough, smoother at 2500 rpm but still not good, fuel pressure 39 psi koeo. What...
  2. Clutch sticking

    I installed a 5.0 and 5 spd into 1996 ranger, flywheel, pressure plate and disc are new, trans from 1989? f150, slave is what came on trans. Pedal effort seems normal, very little play at top, travel all the way to floor seems normal. I see this a common swap, does ranger master always work...
  3. Mustang harness

    Info on mustang harness, I'm trying to run the engine ,5.0 on a stand while I am looking for a suitable Ranger 1994 or older preferred but probably will end up with a 1998/2002. So if I hook up TFI,coil,MAF,MAP,EEC relay TP sensor, IAC,fuel pump relay would it run? I found a chart on this site...
  4. I have a 5.0 and harness from 1989 mustang

    older rangers hard to find here with no rust, apparently 2005 rangers didn't have pats,better vehicle for swap?

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