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  1. scotts90ranger

    Kirbys 1991 Ranger Build Up and Solid Axle Swap

    Your stuff is way fancier than what I've done in the past... I've rebuilt my turbo 2.3L twice in a driveway (2 different driveways...) and just inside the garage door... The reason you got 6 valve seats is only the exhaust seats are prone to wear since they're the hot ones... the intake just...
  2. scotts90ranger

    Car/truck insurance?

    For Geico and USAA if you haven't served in the military or work for the government you will NOT get a good rate (GEICO is Government Employee Insurance Co, USAA is United Services Association of America I believe...), if that helps answer any questions on that...
  3. scotts90ranger

    Car/truck insurance?

    I've had Progressive for a long time. I got rear ended by someone that also had Progressive a couple years ago now, just dented the tailgate on my '97, did their online submittal thing where you take a video walking around the vehicle and they determined I'd get like $550 for dealing with it...
  4. scotts90ranger

    1985 Ranger XLT 347 stroker

    Looks good! That said, I'm with the others, if that's still the Dana 28 front axle it isn't going to be happy, I would look into swapping to a Dana 35 with the mods that should be in the tech library... I would also highly recommend a traction bar with near 6" of blocks in the back with stock...
  5. scotts90ranger

    2.3L ('83-'97) Oil spec change for 1997 Ranger 2.3L ?

    The engine won't care if it's 5W20 or 10W30 normal or synthetic or mixed, whatever... they're not known for low oil pressure or having bearing issues anyway...
  6. scotts90ranger

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Not just corrosion but for condensation on the ceramic heating element... sudden uneven temperature changes aren't great for them...
  7. scotts90ranger

    Ocd Fabrication & Our Bronco Build

    Nice, being in an Explorer I'm staying narrow, trails around here aren't wide and I prefer to stay somewhat narrow and I don't want to break spendy glass fenders... plus function is way ahead of form... How do the KM3's do? I've had the KM2's since like '11 and they're getting older but still...
  8. scotts90ranger

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Not sure how I got so lucky but when I changed the pre cat O2 on my '97 I used an open end 7/8" wrench to get it loose, 25 years and 170k miles and it came right out... was still Motorcraft so likely original... similar with the V8 Explorer I did a few months ago, 250k and 22 years and it came...
  9. scotts90ranger

    Ocd Fabrication & Our Bronco Build

    The outperforming a TTB depends completely on the application... they're pretty equal I think, I have no regrets keeping the TTB in my '90 and plan on going to a Jana 54 in my V8 Explorer... done right it can hold it's own offroad aside from a few specific types of obstacles... the wheelbase...
  10. scotts90ranger

    2.3L ('83-'97) Filthy under timing cover

    This is the caliber of oil leak I was dealing with on the '90 from the cam bolt... that pool in the cam pulley shouldn't be there... fixing that and the turbo oil drainback tube solved at least 90% of the oil leaks on the thing... it's still a mess, I'll pull the engine and reseal the externals...
  11. scotts90ranger

    Purchased a 1999 XLT, wrecked with a tweaked frame

    Right, when I ran into a log that was lengthwise in a ditch (in the snow, didn't see it when I was in the ditch inadvertently) in my '90 and it jacked up the radius arm bracket on the passenger side I tied it to my F350 and tried to pull it with my little 4k pound tractor in low range with the...
  12. scotts90ranger

    Smoking Room

    I like me a cigar here and there, the nicotine kick helps to relax... Walt, all understood and I agree but things are different than they were when a pack of cigs was a quarter or less... not everyone can afford the 1-5 pack a day habit that was common back in the day... I have a bunch of...
  13. scotts90ranger

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    The front sway bars on V8 Explorers seem giant, I don't know if they're any bigger than Ranger versions...
  14. scotts90ranger

    Converting 2001 Edge 2wd 5spd to 4wd Auto with 2000 donor Ranger

    You can make an Edge 4x4 fairly easy as is with the front axle and transfer case, but the electrics like Ron said might be an issue, that's part of why I stick with the '97 and older stuff or why I put a manual transfer case in my '00 V8 Explorer...
  15. scotts90ranger

    1997 Ranger XLT Door

    Also throw in the fact my '97 Ranger didn't have the factory door when I got it... it had a white I think '01 door (on a burgandy rig...) so I had to mix match some things to make it right enough... if it matters to you and care about finding a door the right colors I think they changed those in...
  16. scotts90ranger

    Looking for opinions on the value of this 1996 Mustang Cobra

    He's just messing with ya, your price should be typed 2 grand, 2000 grand is 2 million... :)
  17. scotts90ranger

    1997 Ranger XLT Door

    At some point the hole for the lock cylinder changed (if I had to guess for the '95 model year), it's been 2 years so I don't remember if it got smaller or bigger but keep that in mind, and the door panels changed a bit... I put a '94 door on my '97 and I used the newer style latch in the older...
  18. scotts90ranger

    Depinning generic waterproof electrical connectors?

    As shown in your third picture, take a T pin or something thin and pointy, put it against the top of the terminal and push back until you get to the catch on the connector then pry it away from the terminal and you should be able to pull the wire out the back. For ease of use I like the...
  19. scotts90ranger

    Depinning generic waterproof electrical connectors?

    I've seen those before and figured it out but it's been a while... I especially like the last picture in that ad where near everything in their detail pictures is done wrong... wrong type of crimping pliers, seal not crimped in the crimping waist... for like 90% of the connectors we use at...
  20. scotts90ranger

    2.3L ('83-'97) 1997 2wd 2.3 want to install 85 or 87 Turbocoupe engine. Issues?

    You can mixmatch things as far as I know, all Lima's have the same rotation water pump (none driven on the back of the belt). I haven't looked much into the alignment of the '95 and newer stuff so I don't know if things are shifted forward or not but I know the alternator flopped sides then...

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