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  1. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Just saying hi and sharing something

    I saw this yesterday on Facebook and we had a huge conversation with the group we have there from the TRS members from long time. Just wanted to stop and say hi to all the good fellas and Jim This truck was the best of my TRS years and hopefully I will be back in a Ranger and Jim will build...
  2. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Compression test

    Saw a sign offering electronic compression test and decided to read about it. Can they be trusted or you still prefer taking the spark plugs off and use a dial?
  3. Ranger Sport Honduras

    A regular day in the farm

    Posted this in the wrong place hehe https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Etherangerstation%2Ecom%2Fforums%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D168961&share_tid=168961&share_fid=28487&share_type=t A regular day in the farm
  4. Ranger Sport Honduras

    A regular day in the farm

    Took some pictures since both trucks were at the farm today
  5. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Fuel check went south

    Hi all, A few months ago I noticed my moms truck had a hard time starting up. It cranked and acted as if there was no gas. When checking the fuel pump it turned out ok but the fuel line was empty; ended up being the check valve in the pump assembly that went south. The assembly goes for big...
  6. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Sup fellas!

    Just thought about stopping and say hi to all Sent from my SM-J200M using Tapatalk
  7. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Hi guys!

    Hi guys! I've been wanting to do this since long ago. I finally have time for it. I hope you all are doing great. :icon_thumby: I've been doing pretty good myself.
  8. Ranger Sport Honduras

    News that you guys might not like...

    Sup guys, I have been away from the forums lately. I know, my bad. But besides work and the girlfriend i have been away from truck stuff and so, away from TRS. Posting that is, because I always check it every now and then. Well the news I bring: RSH will be sold. :sad: It is well known that...
  9. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Melting Main lights switch fuse

    Sup guys, I have the following issue; a few months ago my truck went light less. I checked and the main lights swtich fuse was melted, iIreplaced it and got lights for a while until it melted again. so I checked and replaced the multi function swtich and no luck. Then i checked and replaced the...
  10. Ranger Sport Honduras

    RSH went to the beach

    On our way to the beach Im not good for modeling... She is!!
  11. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Ranger Sport Honduras Photo session

    Took some pics of the truck today. Enjoy! :D
  12. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Badass Bronco II I saw today

    Finally a Ford Bronco was used on a wheeling date around here!! :headbang: Its a 2.9 5 spd. manual T-case chop top BII It's competing in the stock class, only modifications allowed are: 31"tires or 16x7.5 tires This one is running on 16x7.50 tires 8qShMJbCmXQ slevVcF33cA 6PvaegIvw4I A...
  13. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Street bug is biting me...

    Sup guys, As you know I have a SAS'd Ranger. This truck is my pride. But I can't deny I'm a sucker for street cars, and for one in special: Ford Mustang. There is a black 99 that seems to be in decent condition. and they ask around $4250 for it. exactly what I paid ofr my Ranger bone stock...
  14. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Rattling windows

    Sup guys, This is one of the little details I want to fix on my truck, the windows feel kind of loose and rattle on the doors. Its even worst when the window is halfway open.:annoyed: Any way to fit it? Thanks!:icon_thumby:
  15. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Ranger Sport Honduras went mountain trail riding

    Not much of a hardcore wheeling day, but I took the truck to a mountain and had some fun :) On the way up Nice view The locals helping us make a way on a huge ass ditch What you all want End of the road?? no way!! Me and my truck Downhill with the ATV crew Hanging with the ATV and Rhino...
  16. Ranger Sport Honduras

    RSH is back, and this time it's for good

    Yep, I'm back :headbang: go check my build thread, I'll be updating it with tons of pics and stuff...
  17. Ranger Sport Honduras

    I'll be back...

    Soon... The truck activity was eating my funds, so I had to stop paying some bills, internet included hahahaha. Ill come back soon. got lot of pics to post and stuff. Ohh and btw, 4WD is AWESOME!!!!! :headbang: :headbang:
  18. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Another SAS related question from RSH.

    As some of you know (ok maybe lots of you) I'm doing a SAS on my truck using a Dana 30. My axle came from an 86 XJ, and has the hated vacuum disconnect. Im willing to give it a try, so my cousin will give me an electrovalve to control the vacuum to engage/disengage it. Now my question is...
  19. Ranger Sport Honduras

    Update on the Red Ranger, and The Ranger family.

    The bumper lights have been there for like a year or more. And I finally wired them :icon_twisted: The Ranger family From right to left. My 2.5 2wd(soon to be SAS 4wd)99, my bros 2.8 T/D 4wd 04, moms 2.3 2wd 03 and uncles 2.8T/D 2wd 07

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