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  1. obs_Landon

    Distributor Problems

    My factory 2.9 v6 distributor quit working one day when I stalled it spun over. We changed the pick up modual(black color) and the ignition modual and about a week later, I was sitting in a parking lot and it just died and just spun over, we changed the ingintion modual again and had to swap the...
  2. obs_Landon

    1989 Ranger extended cab headliner

    I need help with what years the headliners were the same, my headliner got all wet and cant be repaired, trying to find a new headliner, anyone know other ranger years with the headliner as a 89? Thanks in advance
  3. obs_Landon

    Howdy from Louisiana

    Got me a little old 89 extended cab 2.9 v6 and 2 15's

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